How To Prepare For The Family Party This Summer

April 23, 2019

Summer is a special time of the year for every family member regardless of their age or gender. During this time, the temperatures rise, and the sun shines brightly with its warmth brightening everyone’s face, ultimately bringing mirth into their hearts. It’s, therefore, not a wonder that summer is the perfect time for partying. When preparing for a memorable party, be it high school graduation, birthday, engagement or family get together, some details should be considered. With the following tips, individuals are assured of hosting this season’s party like a pro and also getting to enjoy quality time with their family, after all, that’s what parties are all about.

Prepare Drinks Before The Party

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Taking cold drinks is an excellent way of combating the elevated summer temperatures in style. Ideally, individuals should equip the party venue with large bins filled with beverages and ice in a bid to keep the guests refreshed without much hassle. To create a more appealing environment, the bins can be customised to match the theme of the party. It would, however, help to make a clear distinction between the bins containing kids-appropriate drinks from those with adult beverages. Dispensers are also a fantastic way of delivering beverages while still complementing the party’s décor. More importantly, since some guests prefer taking drinks that are extra healthy, a blender can come in handy this summer. There are many different types of blenders available, for convenience take a look at some of the models at Veranda Interiors.

Prep Meals A Day Before

To ensure that the host gets enough time to mingle with the guests, it is imperative to plan ahead. Two days before the party date, hosts should purchase all the required cooking ingredients and those that perish quickly ought to be refrigerated. On the evening before the party, everything should be prepared ready to start cooking the following morning.

Also, hosts should divide their backyard into different stations for the treats and snacks. The more stations there are in the compound, the lesser time guests will have to wait for the meal. In the event that there will be grilling, the grills should be set at a conducive place in which the host can interact with their guests. If possible, the outdoor kitchen for the party should be set at a central position in the compound. Owing to the high temperatures that coincide with summer parties, there should be tasty snacks, light meals, and sweets, which perfectly complement the summertime feast.

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Create A Conducive Atmosphere

There are two main ways of setting a summertime party mood; through lighting and music. These components will not only keep everything lively in the evening and throughout the night, but also deliver overall ambiance. When it comes to music, hosts should create a curated playlist of their favourite music, including special requests from the family members.

Another way of playing good music throughout the day is making use of streaming services offered online such as apple music. One should, however, keep in mind that the music should be played at a reasonable volume; it’s meant to supplement the atmosphere rather than overwhelm it. When it comes to lighting, string lights are preferable for covering a vast area with subtle illumination.

Assign an Area for the Kids

A family party ought to be all-inclusive, which implies taking consideration of all the family members’ needs especially those of the children. If, for instance, there is a pool, one shouldn’t forget to equip it with floaters, not to mention getting someone to watch the kids as they refresh themselves under the hot sun. If there is no pool, one can create a simple game room equipped with a PlayStation and some toys for the kids.

Keep the Bugs Away

One thing that can quickly ruin the mood especially in a night party is the urge to swat away mosquitos constantly. To avoid such disturbances, one should make ensure that bug sprays are available to protect themselves and the guests. Alternatively, the host can also strategically place several citronella candles around the party area for both aesthetic appeal and repelling mosquitoes. If there is an outdoor fire pit, hosts can also take advantage of this by burning rosemary or sage essential oils, which will effectively repel bugs as well as create a welcoming fragrance in the entire compound.

Adequate preparation for a family party during the summer will not only ensure that everyone is comfortable, but it will also keep the guests consistently entertained. After all, summertime is a season of amusement and celebrations while also keeping stress at bay. Preparing the meals’ ingredients and setting up the venue well in advance will afford the family members sufficient time to catch up and have fun together this summer.

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