In The Game Podcast – Committing to the Transformation of the Planet by Gitanjali Koppikar

October 15, 2020

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Today, we continue the conversation with a woman who’s made the transformation of the planet HER mission – like seriously guys – all 7.7 billion people on the planet!  Growing up in India and moving to NYC to be in artist in the 90s, she discovered Landmark: widely recognized as the industry leader for personal training and development, delivering programs and training that make a significant difference in those aspects of people’s lives that they care about most.

Training and becoming a Forum leader in 2003, she has since led transformations for more than 115,000 people over the past 16yrs all over the world. This incredible leader was mine and Nat’s Landmark Forum leader when we were transformed back in 2004.

My friend, thank you for chatting to us amidst your insane travel schedule – In Australia one minute, Singapore the next and now in Minneapolis of all places.

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