In The Game Podcast – Standing Tall In Gratitude By Kathy Coover

August 6, 2020


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Meet one of the most dynamic and resilient women I have ever met – EVER!

Standing at the helm of the billion dollar network marketing company Isagenix and named “One of the most influential women in Direct Selling” in 2017, she just doesn’t slow down. With a mission to shift the financial benchmark for families and women in particular, she is a force to be reckoned with.  Combining relentless pursuit of excellence with a  graceful relational touch, she symbolises “Mother Lion” at its core.  Her energy is infectious.  She is willing to work harder than anyone else in order to impact just one more life.  

In this episode, Kathy is completely transparent about how she continues to show up day in and day out with unwavering energy deep into her 60s.  It’s something we can all do, but many don’t.  Get inside the body of a woman who deliberately creates her genius each and ever day!

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