#SheInspires Tamar Krebs

March 7, 2018

Tamar Krebs has stepped outside of the box, creating a new standard of living for the elderly. She noticed that

the dementia units that were being offered felt inhumane and wanted to improve the level of care.

So she set about creating her own version of homes for dementia patients, envisioning a place that didn’t restrict residents and allowed them to go about their lives in the most normal way possible. From this idea, Group Homes Australia was born, breathing life into an age-old industry.

“I personally couldn’t live in a dementia unit so why would I place someone I love there. Australians deserve a better way to age in a place that is a real home not being locked away in an institution.”

With between 6 to 10 people in each home, Group Homes Australia offer resident’s a less stressful and less structured environment, catering to their resident’s needs and helping them to live fulfilling lives.

“Group Homes are real homes in the local suburbs, residents don’t have institutional routines,” said Tamar.

“Rather they wake up when they want and get involved in real life – cooking baking gardening shopping, going to the local library. We focus on the residents abilities and life choices not on their disability. We have pets and get involved in the local community, no matter their dementia,” Tamar said.

Creating a flexible work environment for her employees was another important aspect of the business for Tamar.

“Identifying that we have a new generation of employees. Gen-Y need flexibility, so they have self scheduling rosters that create empowerment and autonomy,” she said.

Tamar stepped outside of her role as a Rabbi’s wife (Rebbetzin) where her duties included, hosting communal events, teaching and counseling, to create her dream business.

“The driving force that motivates me is that I love what I do and I know that I’m making a difference to so many peoples end of life journeys.”

Tamar’s claims that while nothing is free in business, having integrity and holding onto that throughout the business journey is very important, as well as the ability to separate between the stories we tell ourselves and the facts.

She hopes that there will be a group home in every suburb that caters for cultural specific groups, and that the homes will be fully funded by the government.

The best advice that Tamar’s received, “Listen more than talking – that’s why we have two ears and one mouth. Stay humble.”

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