Judith Lucy and Denise Scott- Far From a Disappointment

July 24, 2017

It was hard to say no when I was invited to see Judith Lucy and Denise Scott in their latest comedy show ‘Disappointments’. Scotty and Jude (as I now think of them) have been regulars on our TV screens  and on the comedy circuit for the last few decades.They have had me in stitches for years. Thanks to the Brisbane Powerhouse this dynamic duo have brought their latest show – Winner of  the People’s Choice Award at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival – to Brisbane.

About the Show

The show begins with a look at Scotty and Jude’s Facebook pages. Both are  dressed beautifully and  couldn’t be happier; every element of their lives is simply perfect. They love their bodies, their careers, the people they have chosen to be surrounded with and they love who they are and the women they’ve become. Their souls are fit to bursting! Every day is another perfect gift. Come and see what a crock that really is. Truthfully their life is full of…… disappointments.

Scotty and Jude talk about their careers, about the joys of ageing – arthritis and grey hairs anyone, they sing ,they dance, they drink wine and have a good lie down and they’ll learn to love their disappointments.

This hilarious pair known for their work in – The Spiral, Judith Lucy is all woman, Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey, Winners and Losers and House Husbands, will in this comedy show, make you feel so much better about the mediocrity of your own life and you’ll come away with a huge smile on your face.

The audience, men and women alike laughed from beginning to end and were cleverly included by this entertaining pair. There was 20 year old Jackson who they asked if he’d walked into the wrong show and pity the poor couple who tried to sneak in late. These masters of improv were quick witted and quick tongued when it came to the audience,  providing plenty of fun and having those of us at the back relieved we weren’t in the path of their quick wits.

For a great night out with lots of laughs look no further than ‘Disappointments’. The show is running at the Brisbane Powerhouse until Sunday July 30. You won’t be disappointed.

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