Married At First Sight Biggest Creeps

March 7, 2018

Let’s face it, we’re all obsessed with Married at First Sight, from Troy’s outrageous laugh, to Nassar’s two faced behavior. While most of the couples are having a hard time falling in love, Australia has undoubtedly become smitten with the show. As the episodes fly by, we’ve noticed quite a lot of odd behaviour from four of the most controversial men on the show.

But undecided on who is the creepiest guy out of the four in the She Society office, we’ve handed the decision over to you.

We’ve detailed all their misdemeanor’s in a handy list, so have a read through, check out our poll on Facebook and vote for who you think is the creepiest man.

Here are the contenders:

Dean – Besides his complete disrespect of Tracey and his inexcusable behaviour with the Davina situation, we’ve found various ways his personality has exceeded cringeworthy. His rapping ‘skills’ and his rapper name, Visionz, also the fact that he thought that for their date, Tracey would enjoy watching him skateboard.

His unnecessary wife swapping comments and though while surely edited, we can’t look past the mother’s comment on last night’s boys night episode. Last but definitely not least has to be his breakdancing skills, but we’ll give him props as he is closing in on 40.

Nassar – Nassar sure has a penchant for vacuuming whether it be in his underwear or fully clothed, you might call it an addiction. He even went so far as to vacuum Gab’s suitcase as soon as she walked in the door.

Along with claiming the rental house was possessed, the fact that he talks in third person and constantly switches between King Nassar, life of the party to controlling, arrogant Nassar as soon as he and Gab are alone.

Troy – We don’t know what’s worse, his attempts at seducing or his cooking skills but let’s say that both have left him burnt more than once. His lackluster cooking skills deserve a list of their own, what with his camembert cheese, butter confusion, how he managed to peel an avocado, his spag bowl with no pasta and the fact that he was tossing a salad in a sink.

Let’s not forget his constant inappropriate comments about Ash’s mum,“ I wonder what she’s going to look like” had to be the cincher in his odd obsession with his mother in law. The intense almost narcissistic fascination with his appearance and his hair and just that weird ab routine does it for us.

We can’t forget that unexplainable moment where he forgot about his mum being coeliac after saying that his parents can eat anything. Last but certainly not least is his over infectious, manically sounding laugh, that alone should be crowned as one of Australia’s most iconic moments of 2018.

Justin – Last night was the episode where Justin came into his own, trying on mesh lingerie and leopard print underwear when in fact he was supposed to be shopping for his wife. He sent the offending photo to Carly in response to a sexy text, and she was understandably underwhelmed.

There was also the time when he took Carly to the jetty in anticipation of seeing his boat when in actual fact he’d just sold his boat. Lets just say that for a millionaire, his office could really do with an upgrade and put it down to nerves but that ferris wheel outing was all kinds of awkward. While the kiss on the couch was a complete 360, it was almost as cringeworthy as that whole hand holding situation.

So, what’s your verdict, who takes the wedding cake for the most oddly behaved husband?

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