Miguel’s Tips For Cooking The Perfect Roast

August 7, 2017

Miguel has teamed up with Australian Mushrooms to re-inspire parents in the kitchen, with a series of his personal tips for making meals much healthier and tastier. This is what he has to say about cooking the perfect roast…

To avoid drying out your roast chicken add finely chopped (or blended) mushrooms under the chicken skin, along with some butter. This will help retain moisture, making a dried out chook a thing of the past

Miguel’s top Mushie tips:

  • Mushrooms are a natural seasoning, which means you don’t need to add lots of salt when you cook with them
  • Cooked mushrooms have a meaty, umami-rich quality that makes any dish taste like it has been simmering for hours.
  • Boost your mincemeat with extra flavour and nutrition by adding some blended mushrooms.


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