A new syndrome recognised for yelling at your children

October 31, 2016

Most parents who yell irrationally at their children know it can’t be good for them – the kids, that is. But it’s worse than they think, according to new research. So bad in fact, that the yelling has been given a name by the experts. It’s called Parental Shock Syndrome, as mums and dads struggle to deal with the demands of their kids.

“It’s when the brain is already in survival mode that they can be susceptible to Parental Shock Syndrome where they yell at their children in a way that would be seen as irrational,” Terri Bowman, a Perth behaviour specialist was quoted in last week’s Courier Mail as saying .

Ms Bowman said that ranting and raving at the kids just two times a month was enough to cause them self-esteem issues.

“Parents today don’t smack their children yet they can’t help but scream at them, which can be just as damaging as hitting them”, Ms Bowman was quoted as saying.

The report said researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Michigan in the US found “severe verbal discipline” may have a profoundly negative impact on children’s wellbeing.

The Courier Mail report quoted Brisbane parenting expert Pinky McKay as saying it was a very normal reaction for parents to yell when they felt overwhelmed.

“I think a lot of parents who were smacked themselves are learning a whole new language of communicating with their children,” she said.

“This hasn’t been modelled for them, so it can take a lot of practice and sometimes they may slip up but it’s about being kind to yourself, apologising to your child and getting support to fill your parenting toolbox with effective strategies.

“I feel it is a lot of pressure for parents to think they will damage their children if they yell more than twice a month. Let’s be honest, most parents will raise their voices more than this.”

Ms McKay was quoted as saying Queenslanders must take responsibility for their behaviour towards their children and be mindful of triggers.

*Terri Bowman is the creator and CEO of Brain Wellness™. For almost a decade Terri has been successfully working to help people overcome a myriad of mental illness and emotional problems. Terri says she doesn’t believe clients need to pay for expensive therapy to get the help they need, which is why she has set up her unique stress treatment centre in Perth

Through her work she says she has established that depression, angeranxietypost-traumatic stress, and so many other challenging and upsetting issues can be removed from one’s life without slow demanding treatments or management sessions.

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