Peaches Pilates launches Flo Week aka ‘Period Pilates’

February 9, 2021


Exercising when you’re feeling blah may not always be recommended, but in some cases it can serve you well, and be the antidote to having you feel better. Case in point: training around your cycle. The period cycle.

Peaches Pilates is introducing a training schedule, dubbed Flo Week, to match body moods and swings, and the energy high and lows often linked body algorithms in that seven-day window from start to finish of the menstrual cycle.

Peaches Pilates introduces a seven-day calendar to follow during a period, with bespoke online workouts designed for each day of a cycle.

These tailored workouts are designed for each day of your cycle, and include: Period Pilates, Yin for Flo, Yoga for Flo, and a new posture hero workout. 

Peaches Pilates is also creating workshops, which mirror their belief in taking a holistic approach. These workshops are created alongside My Moon Box founder Nikki Gonda, whose ethos around periods is that the monthly symptoms associated with them are not a necessary or ‘normal’ part of your cycle, instead they are your body’s way of communicating an underlying hormone imbalance that needs to be addressed, and not with hormone replacement therapy or painkillers.

These workshops are titled ‘eating for your cycle’, ‘managing pain’, and ‘living in sync with your cycle’.

Peaches Pilates Founder, Tori Clapham commented: Our bespoke training guide, designed to respect your cycle, work with pain, and offer relief through mobility and movement when you’re on your period.”

“It’s time to ditch the idea of ignoring or blanketing your cycle – at Peaches we believe in fostering our hormones, and honoring the process our bodies go through each month. PLUS we’ve included comforting recipes and our top tips on period products we know, trust and rely on”, she added.

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