Prince George’s Very Cute Christmas Wish

December 5, 2017

Getty Images

Four-year-old Prince George put just one thing on his Christmas list this year, even though there was space for five items.

Scrawled in his adorable four-year-old’s handwriting on the third line of his letter to the North Pole, are just two words: “Police car”.

At the bottom of the note George had also signed his own name, while, at the top, his

kindergarten teacher had circled that he had been “nice” and not “naughty” this year.

His Santa wish list was hand-delivered by his dad Prince William to a Finnish Santa in Helsinki while on a diplomatic trip to the Arctic nation.

“I’ve seen you and I had to give you this letter,” Prince William told Santa, according to Hello! Canada.

“He hasn’t written down many requests, so I think one request is probably OK.”

Making sure Santa paid attention to his son’s evaluation of his own behaviour, the father-of-two added: “He’s been a nice boy, a nice boy”.

The four-year-old royal has plenty to be excited about this Christmas with a new baby brother or sister on the way as well as the impending wedding of his uncle, at which he’ll no doubt have a big role to play.

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