Salvos Stores Launch Zero Waste Workshop Series

July 4, 2018

To celebrate plastic free July Salvos Stores are presenting a series of free Zero Waste Workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Hosted by Salvos Stores ambassador and eco Stylist Faye De Lanty together with Zero Waste expert Anita Vandyke, these free events will offer fantastic insight into how consumers can go from excess to eco luxe with ease. 

Filled with tips and tricks for slow fashion and furniture, eco beauty and earth friendly home DIY’s guaranteed to set guests well on their Zero Waste way. 

Anita and Faye will share lots of simple solutions and everyday switches that make not only a difference to your back pocket but the planet too. 

Faye says, “Salvos Stores are havens for zero waste options, from preloved clothing, to second hand homewares and furniture it’s a one stop shop towards sustainability…and don’t worry you never ever have to sacrifice style.” 

Anita’s Top 3 Zero Waste Tips 

  • Replace your disposables with your reusables

Replace items such as plastic bottles, paper napkins, plastic grocery bags and disposable coffee cups with reusable options. Make yourself a zero waste kit to take everywhere.

  • Make second hand your first choice

Whenever you need to buy something, try to see if you can buy it second hand first. Look at local op shops, ask neighbours and friends, try Ebay.  Make a good effort to buy second hand before buying new.

  • Head outside

By enjoying the outdoors and seeing how amazing nature is. We can learn to appreciate that every step, no matter how small is important in helping our planet.

Just a small taste of the additional advice you can find in Anita’s first book “A Zero Waste Life”, available for purchase and personal signing at the workshops.

Salvos Stores is one of the largest urban recyclers in the Southern Hemisphere, with 100% of the proceeds going towards empowering communities, reducing waste and diverting unwanted goods from landfill.

Fashion has the power to be of such great purpose and these workshops will showcase the endless environmental and social benefits of shopping at Salvos Stores…all it takes is a little TLC and pinch of imagination.

Salvos Stores locations and dates of the workshops are:

7th July, 10am at 81 Victoria Crescent, ABBOTSFORD, Melbourne

12th July, 6pm at 52 Doggett St, NEWSTEAD, Brisbane

14th July, 10am at 54 Balgowlah Road, BALGOWLAH, Sydney

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