SheBrisbane Sits Down With Gold Coast House Rules Stars!

June 16, 2017

Gold Coast couple Aaron and Daniella readily admit the toughest part of being in Australia’s biggest home renovation television show, House Rules, has little to do with picking colour schemes or deciding where to put a sink.

Their biggest concerns surround their two little boys Jaxon, three, and Brooklyn, one in June, whom they have left behind for weeks on end when taping the popular Seven show HOUSE RULES.

“They are always in the back of our minds,” said Daniella,  ‘When we started the show, Brooklyn, was only three and a half months old, so it was huge.”

“Not necessarily when you are flat chat busy,” added Aaron.

“It’s when you are going to bed at night or during filming down time, all you’re thinking about is what the kids are doing and how they are getting through.

“It’s not easy, they push you in the show to the point where there’s no time, no sleep, no anything, but then, that’s why we are in the show. We are here for our kids. To give them a better life and all the opportunities we can provide. That’s what pushes us along.”

If you haven’t been on the House Rules band wagon, it’s not too late! It is now getting to the juicy bits! The show is a battle between couples from Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Victoria and NSW.

The couples travel the country, hand over the keys to their homes and leave the opposition to transform every room in their house, guided by five HOUSE RULES set down by the owners.

A panel of experts judge the renovations with all contestants walking away with a completely renovated interior of their home.

The best two couples (based on what the judges think of their efforts in the five renovations they are involved in) have their home completely renovated inside and out and face-off in an epic Grand Final for a $200,000 cash prize.  

Aaron and Daniella, who believe they have a good chance of taking off the big prize like another Queensland couple last year, are clearly a team, as parents and more recently renovators.

“Luckily we work very well together and what you see on the show, that’s us,” said Daniella, pointing out that she “still pays out” on Aaron.

I’m still cheeky all the time,” chips in Aaron, with a laugh, as Daniella goes on to detail one of the biggest lessons the couple have learnt since joining the show.

A lesson which has benefitted them not only as contestants but as a couple…communication.

“We have learnt on this show that’s it’s the number one key.” said Daniella.

It has certainly helped the couple in the high stakes show which is now in its fifth year.

“The show is a pressure cooker life,” said Aaron, a carpenter with extensive experience with commercial, residential and high rise construction.

Daniella, a dancer who loves styling and fashion, makes the point that she has come a long way since filming of the show began last year.

“Aaron loves to renovate and I didn’t even know how to hang a picture on a wall until I came into the show,” she said.

“Now I absolutely love it.”

Aaron and Daniella, had no hesitation in passing on some renovation tips to SHEBrisbane readers.

“If they came to me for advice I would tell them ‘You need a good kitchen and a family bathroom’,” said Daniella.

“Especially if you are a family of four, five or six. A massive family bathroom and a massive kitchen where you can fit everyone in.”

Aaron said his advice was “a budget thing” and urged people to focus on doing DIY where they could.

He said it not only saved money but enabled the renovator to put their own “custom touch on things”.

Styling was another important decision.

“Come up with a game plan and stick to the game plan from the start. Don’t waver or wander or try to come up with different creative ideas,” said Aaron. .

“Just come up with a plan you think is going to work and you are going to be really happy with and just fine-tune that rather than take bold steps in different directions.”

Then there is color.

“We are huge fans of white. It’s probably the biggest thing we have picked up throughout the show, said Aaron.

“We love white. We love opening up space. It’s a great way of making something look bigger.

“But using colors is equally important to us. Now when I walk into a space and see reds, greens and blues I feel so much warmth.”

Which is what you see in abundance when you watch Aaron and Daniella in renovation mode and we hope to see their faces in the final so Queensland can reign that winning place once again!

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