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August 12, 2021

Lost & Found meets The Rosie Project in a stunning break-out novel where a vulnerable misfit is forced to re-engage with the world, despite her best efforts.

Meet Mercy Blain, whose house has just burnt down. Unfortunately for Mercy, this goes beyond the disaster it would be for most people: she hasn’t been outside that house for two years now.

Flung out into the world she’s been studiously ignoring, Mercy goes to the only place she can. Her not-quite-ex-husband Eugene’s house. But it turns out she can’t stay there, either.

And so begins Mercy’s unwilling journey. After the chance purchase of a cult classic campervan (read tiny, old and smelly), with the company of her sausage dog, Wasabi, and a mysterious box of cremated remains, Mercy heads north from Adelaide to Darwin.

On the road, through badly timed breakdowns, gregarious troupes of grey nomads, and run-ins with a rogue adversary, Mercy’s carefully constructed walls start crumbling. But what was Mercy hiding from in her house? And why is Eugene desperate to have her back in the city? They say you can’t run forever

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The Kissing Booth 3 On Netflix!

Determined to make the most of her final summer before college, Elle plans the ultimate bucket list as she navigates what comes next with Noah and Lee.


A Podcast To Check Out – Get Lifted with Lisa Snowdon

Lisa Snowdon is the queen of self care and feel good alternative therapies. Inspired by the success of her Self Care Sunday IGTV series, Get Lifted is a brand new podcast that takes a deeper dive into four key pillars of our health; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Join her as she speaks to scientists, doctors, alternative therapists and experts about breathing, fasting, sleep, energy work, hormones and much, much more! Don’t worry, there’s plenty of laughs and humour along the way, as after all laughing is good for the soul.

Check it out here!

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