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January 24, 2020

#SheSociety rounds up this week’s newest finds

New Podcast – Fake Heiress

“Fake it until you make it on an industrial scale” underpins the tale of Anna Delvey, real name Anna Sorokin, who conned the Gossip Girl class of New York into believing she was a rich trust fund heiress. She racked up bills at expensive hotels and forced friends to pay for her, blaming difficulty in moving money from her overseas accounts, and stole $275,000 through a variety of scams. Fake Heiress is an entertaining mix of fictional reenactments, narration and interviews with those who knew her to understand how a girl from a tiny town in Russia became a big name in New York. Naturally, Netflix and HBO are both working on TV shows based on the same story, but this a fun intro to the story all the same.


Spotify’s Pet Playlists

Faid is a new, collaborative destination that is making you think twice about how and where you shop. Established in The Rocks, an iconic destination with views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Faid is home to some of the most exciting emerging Australian-designed fashion and accessory brands. Thoughtfully curated and staffed by designers themselves, Faid invites visitors to learn, touch and explore.

Faid is based at The Rocks in Sydney and they are all about stocking small up and coming Australian-only designers, everyone from Cedar & Onyx to Isabelle Quinn.

The store is founded by 3 young women in their late 20s trying to break the fashion mold. They actually get the designers to help man the store so they can talk to consumers about their products/designs – they are super inspirational and would make for a great inspirational interview on kick-arse young female entrepreneurs following their dream.


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