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February 25, 2022

I always love the preamble to a walk or trek. Even the unsaid things hold something magical to  me. The build up of excitement at breakfast, the loading of carbs, wondering what the weather  will bring despite the forecast and whether I’ve packed the appropriate gear for the day ahead. 

It was no exception for the World Expeditions“Climb Kosi 4 Ground Staff” fundraising expedition  which I joined in early February. 

33 of us were there to climb Mt Kosciuszko (the highest mountain in Australia), known to the  local indigenous people as Tar-Gan-Gil, to raise funds for the World Expeditions ground crew in  Nepal and Peru who have been out of work and unsupported for the last couple of years. 

We were advised to prepare for all weather conditions when trekking in Australia’s high alpine  country in February and that was exactly what we got! Ferocious winds, below zero  temperatures, swollen rivers and some really gnarly weather… there were even small snowdrifts.  Though none of this came close to what the crews in Nepal and Peru endure. This walk gave me  perspective and real appreciation. 

On summiting we were rewarded with sunshine and sweeping views across the Snowy  Mountains and Victorian High Country and celebrated a collective achievement of giving back to  the people behind the scenes of our trekking experiences in Nepal and Peru in their time of  need. 

Adding to the memorable experience was Tim Macartney-Snape’s engaging stories from the  field. Tim, the legend mountaineer, twice Everest summiteer (once from sea level), humble but  so inspiring, enthralled all in his beloved alpine environment … 

We left the mountain via a goat track past huge and dramatic boulders, brilliant and unique  snowgums and vibrant wildflowers to Dead Horse Gap. 

Our incredible guides Jannice and Zuza ensured we were safe and confident on the stunning  25km walk. After a long but invigorating day we returned to the hotel with a glow of  accomplishment and wonder. 

Kozi, so wild and beautiful, you’ve won my heart! 

We are repeating the experience in 2023 and I will definitely be there. If you are interested in  joining, contact World Expeditions: https://worldexpeditions.com/Australia/Guided-Treks Walks/Climb-Kozi-4-Ground-Staff

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