#SheWatches Blackbird

February 18, 2021


The state of Victoria now has its euthanasia laws in place and the debate is about to fire up again in Queensland, so the movie Blackbird is a timely reminder of the decision for a person to choose to die with dignity. No, it is not a decision based on if you had a bad day.

The movie stars Susan Sarandon as a grandmother with motor neurone disease who chooses to end her life through suicide by overdose in an American state without pro-euthanasia laws so she can leave this Earth on her terms. And she gathers her family together for one more weekend of love to say goodbye. Her character is frightened by her decision but it is better than the possible horrors the end of her illness would become.

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The movie is almost like a filmed stage play and is a remake of the Danish movie Silent Heart (2014) which was directed by Bille August. The acting isn’t of award calibre in this version, but the film is moving especially for those who have older parents or who face their own mortality. The question of would you prefer to face death at home surrounded by your family or face the indignity of palliative care alone is a good question. Sarandon takes the potion that is the screenplay with her usual beautiful persona and aplomb. Blackbird is a movie from the heart for those women who only want peace but find their family is a source of disfunction.

Blackbird is now showing in select theatres around Australia.

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