#SheWatches – The Australian Dream

August 7, 2019

As we walked away from the advanced screening of The Australian Dream it was easy to see the emotions on the faces of the audience members. Many had been crying and even sobbing throughout the movie. Many were still shaking and still others were catching their breath. This movie will make you feel. It will make you question and it will make you think. It will test your beliefs and have you questioning your own views on race relations in Australia.

The Australian Dream tells the story of AFL player Adam Goodes in documentary form. Yet it is so much more, for highlighting his story shines the light on the lives of all Indigenous Australians. There is footage from his playing days, a recap of some of the incidents that led to him becoming a champion of equality and reconciliation and also some of the darker moments in his career. We hear many different opinions. Andrew Bolt has very strong opinions and you hear from the film’s writer, the eloquent Stan Grant. There are interviews with many other indigenous athletes like Nova Peris and Nicky Winmar, with journalist Tracey Holmes and for the first time we hear the views of Goode’s wife and mother. You hear from Aboriginal elders, his teammates and coaches. All share unique insights into this story.

Bafta award winning director Daniel Gordon, uses the remarkable and inspirational story of indigenous AFL legend Adam Goodes as the prism through which to tell a deep and powerful story about race, identity and belonging. For the first time Adam reveals his profoundly emotional journey in his own words and asks fundamental questions about the nature of racism and discrimination in our society today.

In Australia sport has a way of polarising and capturing a moment in our history. Recently cricket, rugby union and swimming have all had the nation talking.This film will start a different conversation.You will be flabbergasted at  the words of some of the commentators , especially if you haven’t seen the footage before. You will learn about Indigenous history and the story of our nation and you will see the steps being taken towards equality and reconciliation. The Queensland Premiere of The Australian Dream will take place on Wednesday August 7 at Palace Barracks and this powerful film will be in cinemas nationally from August 22. 

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