Styling Up With Sneakers

April 6, 2018

Although it may not feel like it just yet, we are slowly heading into the cooler months which means- new wardrobe!

As we settle in to Autumn, we need to reconsider our decision to wear sandals to work- so let me introduce you to the stylish sneaker.

Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga have dominated the sneaker trend this past year with it chunky styles. Born was the idea to own a pair of chunky sneakers with a more affordable price tag.

Enter Australian brand Wittner

This May, Wittner will be dropping its own styles of sneakers with a bit of height in navy, black and white. Each style has a bit of detail to make it all the more eye catching. 

Wittner have also released a collection based all around empowering Australian women, which of course the girls here at SheSociety LOVE with The Future is Female range.

This collection is now available to shop here!

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