The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation Launches Their 2018 Campaign

July 3, 2018

This week The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation launched their 2018 Strive To Be Kind campaign.

This year, the Strive To Be Kind campaign focuses on how ‘we all have a voice’- and that this voice should be used to spread kindness. Keep and eye out for the campaign which will be shown on Channel Seven, Channel Nine and at selected EVENT cinemas. Through this campaign, The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation aims to empower people to use their voice to be kind and speak up for those who may be affected by domestic and family violence. Domestic and family violence does not have to be just physical, with statistics showing one in four women have experiences verbal and emotional abuse from a current or former partner.

Throughout July, The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation is also encouraging people to bake and share their Kindness Cookie recipe, which simply means swapping the ingredients with traits of Kindness. Bake and Share your Kindness Cookies on Strive To Be Kind Day (Friday July 27) with friends, family or colleagues and post a picture on social media using the hashtag #FillYourselfWith Kindness.

You can show your support by wearing yellow on Strive To Be Kind Day (Friday July 27), donating to The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation or by simple striving to be kind!

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