The Best Sports Bras To Wear For Different Workouts

October 31, 2018

A recent study by leading lingerie brand Triumph found that two thirds (77%) of Australian women have never had a professional fitting for a sports bra. Triumph stresses the importance of wearing the perfect fit the exercising, with the risk of wearing an ill-fitting sports bra including muscle pain and irreversible breast sag.

Here are a roundup of the best sports bras to wear for a variety of different workouts.


As HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training often involves anything from burpees and squat jumps, to sprints, push ups, sit ups or lunges, a sports bra that offers extreme support and comfort is recommended. You will also build up quite a sweat during this style of exercise, so you want to be sure the bra is made with moisture management fabrics

Recommendation: Triaction Extreme Lite N

An ultra-lightweight feminine sports bra with no padding or underwire, the Extreme Lite naturally contours the body. Due to the dynamic design, high neckline and non-moulded cups, this innovation has an impressive 77% certified overall extreme bounce control test rating With adjustable strap features and on-trend anti perspiration zones built into the style, the design assures moisture control, impeccable support and comfort. There is also a minimal amount of seams inside the bra for added comfort for floor based exercises.

SheSociety’s Sophie thoughts: 

“I did a one hour Body Attack class. I was pleasantly surprised by how much support the bra gave in this high intensity class especially considering it had no padding or underwire. My boobs felt very secure!”

Recommendation: Triaction Hybrid Lite P

The Hybrid Lite sports bra shapes women’s curves with lightly padded spacer cups and has a 74% overall bounce control support rating. It offers all bust sizes exceptional support, extreme lightness and soft comfort during any activity. Not only does the feminine bra have outstanding moisture control and breathability, it is invisible underneath clothing – a stylish bra for ultimate bounce control.


The stress of movement on the breast when running is what can cause your fatty tissue and ligaments to stretch and sag over time, irrespective of your size, and it doesn’t go back. Your sports bra should offer extreme bounce control and fit tightly around the under-band, as this is where the majority of the support comes from. Look for a wired style offering good coverage at the side and top of the breast, and fabric should be tight over the bust.

Recommendation: Triaction Control Lite W

Control Lite is a minimiser sports bra, reducing bust projection by one cup size and offering 78% overall bounce control it is one of the best in the market. With an impeccable fit up to an E Cup, Control Lite features a Comfort Wire, preventing the wire from digging in under the arms and its 3D Power Straps are padded, versatile and fully adjustable both front and back. This sculpted style offers superior support and comfort, making it perfect for high intense activities.

SheSociety’s Amanda thoughts: 

“I must admit, receiving the Triumph bra on my desk I was really concerned that the style of the bra was NOT going to hold my ta ta’s in place properly as I attempt to embark on a fitness journey (insert all the LOL’s, it’s a long hard process and is so far I am at 6 sessions at the gym over a 30 day period…pretty good). I seriously acted like a spoilt little brat when seeing the bra turn up on my desk, yelling obscenities such as, ‘AS IF THAT IS GOING TO HOLD THESE TRIBAL TITTIES IN!’ & ‘WHY WOULD THEY SEND THE BIGGEST BOOBED GIRL A TRAINING BRA’… Let me just say, I was pleasantly surprised when jumping (jokes I don’t jump) on the treadmill to do my time in jail gym. Referring to my ta ta’s as tribal’s you sort of get the gist that they may hang quite low, and the sad thing…I haven’t even had kids yet!

Anyway, back to the bra talk – I was bouncing around on the treadmill, getting my pony tail to the point of swishing side to side, and trying with all my might to walk as fast as I could, even pushing myself into a gentle jog (I know, I surprised myself as well, it was literally for 30 seconds) to really give this bra a real red hot crack and…I actually couldn’t fault it. The bra held the puppies in place. They held them tight to my chest which was comfy and I didn’t feel self conscious about them being out and about or hanging down, really low while standing at the water cooler! I would 100% recommend this comfy, non underwire sports bra to all of those out there who want something comfy to work out in. As a big breasted chick, I am telling you not to be fooled by the look of the bra and its possible illusion of ‘lack-of-support’ because it’s a lie! Don’t judge a book by TIT’s cover when it comes to this bra – grab it and know that you will be supported and comfortable as you work out.”


Comfort is key when it comes to pilates! You want a bra that moves with your body while still offering good support for your bust. The less seams the better to ensure no rubbing during your workout. Most women may want to show off a little bra, so something colourful and on trend is ideal.

Recommendation: Triaction Zen Reversible

The ultimate seamfree sports crop in a reversible design in this seasons fashion colours. Its seamless knit design reduces irritation while exercising while soft-feel straps add comfort. Two bras for the price of one! SPIN

You are guaranteed to work up a sweat during spin. With constant up, down and forward movements you will want something supportive and with good coverage, particularly when performing the ‘Tap Back’ spinning move.

Recommendation: Triaction Balance

Featuring a high neck line for extra coverage, Triaction Balance is designed to hold the bust firmly in place with a compression fit. Its seamless knit design offers a 59% certified bounce control rating, whilst moisture management yarn keeps the body temperature regulated and wicks moisture away from the skin.

SheSociety’s Rebecca thoughts:

Well they literally did not move!

I am a low impact gal and focus on weights and squats etc. however I do insert the occasional run (jog really). My active wear usually consists of 3/4 leggings and a low cost, unsupportive shelf bra with the obligatory padding purely for shapes sake. I have never invested in a sports bra because to be honest, I have never worn one. When I received the Triumph sports bra I immediately thought it would be too small but to my surprise, it held the girls in very well. It was comfortable and also looked great under my sports t-shirt. No padding needed.

Professional bra fitter Paula Svoboda shares the FAQ’s & top tips on bra fitting

Paula Svoboda

Why is it important to wear the right bra for your exercise needs?

Women today lead an active lifestyle – they exercise to get healthy but also to be social. Whether its cardio based sports, or less intense activities, they still want to look good and have outstanding support. A sports bra fitted and tailored to your exercise of choice is essential to ensure your breasts are properly supported and you stay comfortable as you work out. And if you are likely to work up a sweat, you will want to make sure the bras are made from anti-bounce compression fabrics and feature moisture management properties.

What are your top tips to look out for when you’re on the hunt for a new sports bra?

My most important tip – get fitted professionally! One fitting three years ago doesn’t mean you necessarily know the size you are now. I recommend getting professionally fitted for a bra once to twice a year. This may sound like a lot, but your body is constantly changing, and without a properly fitting bra, you compromise your comfort and support.

If you have a larger bust, than finding a supportive bra is even more important. Go for styles with thicker straps and a wider band with more hooks. Three band hooks or more will help to keep your bust in line, and the thicker straps will provide increased leverage.

Look for styles that have been professionally tested and certified to provide a high level of bounce support. Effective sports bras that minimise bounce and are the right fit for your exercise of choice are crucial to reducing breast discomfort during exercise.

How often should you replace your sports bra and how do you know when it’s time to do so?

I recommend you replace your favourite sports bra every six to 12 months. 80% of bust support comes from the under band so you need to ensure that remain firm. If you notice the elastic fibres starting to perish and it doesn’t feel as secure as when you first started wearing it, then it’s time for a replacement!

What’s the best way to care for your sports bra?

It is best to wash your sports bra after every wear as the fibres in lingerie do retain their ‘memory’ when washed frequently. The right after-care can also ensures a longer lasting garment. A warm hand wash using gentle detergents is usually best for bras. In these time poor days though, if lingerie must be washed in the machine it should ALWAYS be placed in a lingerie wash bag and placed on a gentle/delicates cycle. If using washing powder, be sure to dissolve the powder first so they don’t get stuck in the binding and cause irritation on the skin. It is also recommended to dry your bras in the shade as the elastic will perish in the sun.

Sports Bras – Triaction

Triumph’s range of Triaction sports bras are based on Triumph’s favourite fits that are on-trend, extremely supportive, comfortable and with no bulk. Leading the Cardio range is Triaction’s Dynamic LITE® collection, featuring a 3D powertech process which fuses multiple layers for all-round anti-bounce compression, extreme support and soft comfort that adjusts to your curves. A fit for every shape, the collection is also bounce control certified by world renowned Research Group in Breast Health, the University of Portsmouth, reducing bounce up to 78%.

You can also find great support in wire-free styles if you know what to look for. It is important that the fabric used for the cups and frame have very low movement properties as all the pressure of support is going to be on the fabric. Triaction’s Extreme Lite is made with a strong, lightweight bounce-control fabric that reduces bounce up the 77%. The bra features 3D Powertech technology which is an innovative engineering process that that glues together 3 types of fabrics, giving a 2-layer anti-bounce compression that perfectly adjusts to your curves.

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