The Motherless Daughters Association

May 11, 2018

Mother’s Day can be a hard affair for those who have lost their mothers but Danielle Snelling from Melbourne has set up an association that aims to support those dealing with the loss.

Motherless Daughters Australia was created after Danielle lost her own mum to cancer when she was 23.

Danielle put up a Facebook status, saying that she was going to start a Motherless Daughter support network and asked if there was anybody else in her position.

A woman named Eloise Hughes from Croydon in Melbourne commented back. She’d lost her mum when she was 13 from a heart attack. As soon as they had met, the bond was instantaneous.

Danielle said that, “it was comforting to meet someone who could fundamentally relate to how I was feeling. We decided to set up Motherless Daughters Australia together, because if the two of us felt so much better connecting, then imagine how wonderful it would be to have a whole group of women having a similar outcome.”

“We planned a pre Mother’s Day High Tea in Melbourne in May 2017. When your mum dies young, the pain isn’t only today, it is forever, but it’s most pronounced on birthdays, Christmas and Mother’s Day. Even projecting into the future and worrying about the inevitable sadness that will come because your mum won’t be at your wedding, or get to meet your partner or your children,” Danielle said.

“Afterwards, we set up our non-profit because we could see there was a need. The next High Tea had 30 women, six from the interstate. We’ve now developed a community through Facebook and Instagram. We have big plans for the future including events and support Australia-wide and eventually want to support single dads raising daughters.”

They have also succeeded in getting a Motherless Daughters Awareness Week added to the National Calendar of Events, running from the 5th to the 12 May.

“We’d like to take this week-long opportunity to raise awareness to the wider community that this time of year is particularly difficult for girls and women who unfortunately cannot celebrate Mother’s Day with their mum,” their Facebook page said.

The group will be participating in the Mother’s Day Classic in Melbourne on 13th May, click here for more information or check out the Motherless Daughters Australia Facebook page here.

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