What’s A SIMP? 

June 23, 2020

Have you heard the latest buzz word going around the Generation Z crowd? It’s important that you hear it and start asking some questions and having some conversations with the young men in your life.

We have all heard the term Bro’s before Hoes…It was brought to our attention over the weekend that there is a new word going around the Gen Zer’s at the moment aimed at bringing down a young man if he shows chivalry towards a young woman. WHAT THE? we hear you say! We said the same thing! Why on earth would a young man be put down over chivalry and respect for a young woman? Over the past few years with the #metoo movement, there has been some murky waters for young men and how they should act around young women. I think we all understand this movement and understand that there will always be some extremists that take things to the next level, but let’s not teach our younger male generation that chivalry, respect or just being kind is a bad thing.

The word SIMP is used to call out a young man if he is seen to be acting chivalrous towards a young woman. After a few conversations with some of the Generation Zer’s over the weekend, we have found that being called a SIMP isn’t always a derogatory term. It depends on your gender. Among some young women, a young man being called a SIMP is positive and something they look for in a boyfriend or a male friend. However, if it is a young male calling out another young male, it’s usually meant as derogatory. Being called a SIMP can be for anything from offering up your jumper to a young woman or even just being kind to her. Their friends are basically saying to their mates that they are only being nice to win the girl over.

Since when is it a bad thing for young men to act with kindness towards young women? Why is this being called out as something more? It is important that we have conversations with our young men about kindness and treating women with respect. Young men need to take pride in their respect for women and this starts with their relationships with their mums. So if you have a young man in your household, have a conversation with him about the importance of chivalry and respect for women and let’s try to abolish such words as SIMP to ensure that kindness from young men isn’t something to be ashamed of.

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