Don’t judge a restaurant by its neon sign: Turbans and Cowboys

July 7, 2016

Nachos, two burritos and a drink apiece came to less than $40, and I didn’t even have to change out of my tracksuit pants to enjoy it

Sunday nights usually find me drowsy after the fun of a big weekend and cooking is the last thing on my mind. Getting dressed up for a nice dinner also seems like a lot of effort, and so it was on such a Sunday night that I found myself at Turbans and Cowboys after a search for ‘burritos in my area’ threw up a little Tarragindi restaurant with good reviews.

Highlights: Nachos loaded with chicken or beef

My fave: Chicken Tex Mex burrito with brown rice and added guacamole

Tips: If you’re ordering nachos as an appetiser, stick with the regular size unless you are cultivating a food baby


I am passionately fond of burritos, and by swapping out white rice for brown and going easy on the cheese, I trick myself into believing it is on the healthy side of fast food.

Turbans and Cowboys interior
Turbans and Cowboys interior

My love of Mexican led me into this quaint little restaurant that I otherwise would have passed by, wary of an eatery specialising in both Mexican and Indian that flaunts a neon, cowboy-hatted sign.

The space itself is simple, clean and bright, with glittering mini chandeliers, bright paintings and wooden details. It’s a little bit draughty for a winter night, but the host/ waiter ushered us in to a sheltered corner with a warm welcome.

Tarragindi locals are obviously ‘in-the-know’ because the phone was ringing off the hook with take away orders. Our host bustled cheerfully from kitchen to counter, bringing joy in the form of belly-warming comfort food.

The beef nachos
The beef nachos

Despite all the action, dinner was on our table in no time and we dived into the nachos with glee. This is not the type of place where they skimp on toppings, and at $13.95 the large beef nachos (pictured left) is a meal in itself.

I still had room for a neatly wrapped burrito (pictured right), and bit into the chicken-y pocket of goodness with a deep sigh of contentment.

My Turbans and Cowboys burrito
My Turbans and Cowboys burrito

I have had many burritos in my time, and Turbans and Cowboys gets 9/10 on the Bite Me scale, with a 10/10 once you add your favourite extras.

Nachos, two burritos and a drink apiece came to less than $40, and I didn’t even have to change out of my tracksuit pants to enjoy it. I will definitely be back to sample some of the Indian delights on the menu; I can hear those handmade samosas calling my name!

Turbans and Cowboys boast outlets at a variety of Brisbane locations, and I can only assume they are all as good as my Tarragindi local.

The info:

  • 1/15 Denham Terrace, Tarragindi, 4121
  • Tel: 3892 4922
  • Website:
  • Mon – Sun: 4:30pm – 9:30pm (opening times vary per outlet)

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