Jaw Toning: Does It Really Work?

September 27, 2023

Photographed by Luiz Rogério Nunes.

Adding to the ever-increasing list of Internet fads, the latest craze, known as ‘jaw toning’, seems to have taken people online by storm. Currently, there are dozens of jaw toners and exercisers being promoted from TikTok to Instagram, hoping to attract people who are wanting to tone their face muscles and finally scrape off that double-chin. Like most beauty and health trends in 2023, consumers have become easily influenced to purchase products with little to no knowledge of their benefits or risks. It’s important to ask: does jaw toning actually work?

What it’s meant to do.

There are a variety of brands and exercises suggested by fitness influencers online that target facial structure, with the most prominent being jaw exercisers. These exercisers are usually hollow silicone or rubber balls designed for users to chew on for designated periods of the day to stimulate your jaw and cheek muscles. Many brands and influencers suggest using these exercisers will strengthen your jaw muscles and increase blood flow, therefore toning your face, clearing your skin, and ‘sharpening’ your jawline. However, for most people, the selling point for these products is their ability to magically decrease the fat percentage in your face and completely eradicate your double-chin.

What it actually does.

Hate to burst your bubble, but it seems these jaw toners aren’t as ‘toning’ as you think – and they may even be doing the opposite. Studies suggest that, while using these jaw exercisers will definitely give your chewing muscle – known as the masseter muscle – a good workout, there is no clinical evidence that these exercisers assist with weight loss and, if anything, the stimulation of these muscles can cause an increase in muscle size, making the face wider instead of slimmer as desired. Experts suggest that, if you’re looking to achieve a defined jawline and a slimmer face, regular exercise and a healthy diet is the most effective way to go.

Benefits V. risks.

Several studies have found that these jaw-toning exercisers can increase the strength of your jaw, as well as bring pain relief for people diagnosed with jaw disorders. Unfortunately, the list of benefits essentially ends there. People who use jaw toners can face the risk of developing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, causing pain in the surrounding jaw muscles and joints. Further risks such as potential jaw dislocations and painful headaches can ensue. There could also be some nasty consequences for your teeth, as increasing jaw movement can cause teeth grinding, leading to molar damage and teeth alignment issues.

The takeaway? While these jaw toners claim to have lots of benefits for your facial structure and appearance, there’s almost no scientific evidence to support these claims. If you’re looking to slim your face and keep your skin rejuvenated and young, perhaps look elsewhere – sometimes, the latest Internet fad turns out to be fiction.

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