Red dirt, the races, and night shifts

April 30, 2016

I am experiencing the whole nursing lifestyle — doing night shifts and trying to attend the races a couple of hours after

Greetings to everyone reading this! It has been a while since I have updated my column and journaled my adventures, so, what have I been up to lately you may ask? My adventures vary from dancing in red dirt at Noorama and coming back to Brisbane to visit friends and family.

My day at the races – betting and that red dirt

I had a blast at the Noorama Races out in the middle of nowhere, which for many of the younger generation was just an excuse to drink excessively.

I wasted a small amount of money on betting and bet the ‘safe’ choice of $5 each way. My theory for picking a winning horse was to look for a catchy name and select that one.  My view on betting: 1 bet = 1 drink, $5 each way = $10 which is approximately equivalent to one drink.  If I lost a couple of bets my bank account wasn’t in the negative which was great because I’m not that lucky at betting.

After the races there was a band and the dance floor was red dirt; I remember returning home the day after to find red dirt everywhere in my bedroom and on my clothes … thank God for vacuum cleaners. Thank you to all at Charleville Allied Health for a great time at the races.

Education days in Roma

The following week, all the graduates had education days in Roma. It was awesome seeing everyone and listening to their stories. Also, it was a relief to listen to others that were experiencing the same problems and realising that you were not alone.

We all practiced scenarios during the education days, for example – emergency situations with infants and adults. Hopefully we will not have to practice these skills too soon.

Coming home to Brisbane

Seeing my friends and family in Brisbane was such an enjoyable experience. It seems everyone is changing / moving on with their lives. Especially because I catch up with everyone on a six-week basis.

The night shift

My window garden in Cunnamulla
My window garden in Cunnamulla

I am experiencing the whole nursing lifestyle where you come off doing night shifts and try to attend the races a couple of hours after. I did that with the recent Cunnamulla ANZAC day races.

The wonders of makeup do hide the effects of night shift :). Again, it was a great day and it was nice seeing everyone in the community in nice clothes.

On another exciting note, my herb garden is starting to grow!

I will keep you posted on my next instalment soon.

Chloe x

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