STRIVE TO BE KIND DAY – Friday 30th of July

July 29, 2021

The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation highlights Respect as the centrepiece of this year’s campaign on Strive To Be Kind Day, 2021.

The importance of treating others with Respect in daily life will be the focus of The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation’s annual Strive To Be Kind Day on Friday (July 30).

The Day will be marked by the Foundation’s annual Strive to be Kind luncheon at the Calile Hotel, James Street, Fortitude Valley, attended by more than 270 guests – one of the biggest turnouts in the six-year history of the Foundation’s Strive to be Kind campaign.

The luncheon, like much of SE Queensland, will take on a warm yellow glow – Allison’s favourite colour – which has become synonymous with the Foundation. 

The luncheon will be hosted by Allison’s family and include some of Queensland’s most respected spokespersons and changemakers fighting the fight against family and domestic abuse.

Allison’s two eldest daughters Hannah, 20, and Sarah, 17, will attend with Allison’s sister, Vanessa, Chairperson of the Foundation and Allison’s parents Geoff and Priscilla Dickie.

Vanessa, who will address the gathering, said that Respect, defined by the due regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others, was a crucial ingredient of treating people  with caring and kindness. 

She said the link between domestic and family violence and the lack of respect and gender equality was undeniable. 

“Respect is a vital component of any relationship, a basic human right that is often neglected through the institutionalised gender inequality our society prevails,” she said.

Strive To Be Kind Day is a community-wide celebration with many schools and businesses registering their support for the campaign.

This year, Kalbar Sunflower Farm has kindly donated more than 4000 sunflowers in order for registered schools and businesses to sell throughout this week for $10 a bunch, with 100% of proceeds going towards the Foundation’s educational efforts. 

Along with the selling of sunflowers, the Foundation encourages members of the the community to wear yellow, decorate their workplace and ultimately spread kindness as part of Strive To Be Kind Day. 

Following Friday’s luncheon, Allison’s family will be gathering at Felons Brewing Co at Howard Smith Wharves to watch the Story Bridge lit up with yellow lights in support of the Foundation and in memory of Allison.

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You can follow the campaign on social as per the below:

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