Tears and tiaras

June 27, 2016

"I've got nothing to lose and nothing to be frightened of anymore” – Rosie Batty

It was a week of highs and lows as we donned our tiaras at the races, but were humbled to join domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty at the Business Chicks Breakfast.

Business Chicks Breakfast with Rosie Batty

We felt privileged to be in the audience to hear Rosie Batty, Domestic Violence Campaigner, speak at the recent Business Chicks Breakfast at the Hilton Hotel, Brisbane.

Rosie touched every member in the packed auditorium with her story of courage and resilience, following the death of her son Luke, who was killed by his father in 2014.  What Rosie has gone through is every mother’s worst nightmare, and it’s this tragedy that has made her a household name.

Rosie addressed the media, saying, “I want to tell everybody that family violence happens to everybody. No matter how nice your house is, how intelligent you are.  It can happen to anyone, and everyone.”

Every day since that fateful day, Rosie has made it her mission to continue shining a light on an important topic that demands Australia’s attention.  Rosie spoke for over an hour unscripted, from the heart and we were all absolutely touched and shocked by the statistics of those affected by family violence.

Rosie's book, "A Mother's Story"
Rosie’s book, “A Mother’s Story”

Rosie’s book A Mother’s Story was available to be purchased on the day and is available online.

Here are eight of the most powerful quotes from Rosie:

  1. “Domestic violence can happen anywhere. Let’s bring it out of the shadows”
  2. ”When you are faced with tragedy, you’re given a choice.’’
  3. “I’ve got nothing to lose and nothing to be frightened of anymore.”
  4. “It happens to one in three women wherever you are, wherever you live and whoever you are. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a corporate CEO at the pinnacle of your career with everyone respecting you. It doesn’t matter—you can also be a judge or a magistrate or a police woman—whoever you are, you are infinitely vulnerable.”
  5. “Family violence is a gender issue. One in three women is affected by violence. One in four children. Two women die each week.”
  6. “The community must continue to call out inappropriate comments about violence against women.”
  7. “Why do we place the shame on women to hide and change, whilst perpetrator continues their life as normal?”
  8. “The human spirit is an amazing thing and there are always better times ahead!”

Rosie asked us all to make a difference by joining the Luke Batty Foundation’s Never Alone campaign and spread the message to family and friends.  You can also donate to the Luke Batty Foundation to show your support.

Tattersall’s Tiara Race Day

raceday2Once again we were lucky to have won tickets to one of the must-attend races in Brisbane, the Tattersall’s Tiara Race Day.

The marquees, grandstands and public areas were jammed packed and full of excitement as punters cheered on their horses for the win. We enjoyed sipping on Sirromet champers and canapés in the private glassed area overlooking the track.

Fashions on the field
Fashions on the field

Congratulations to the winners of the Tattersall’s Club Wintergarden Fashions on the Field, who each won a return flight to Singapore with Singapore Airlines.

The runners-up also won a $500 voucher each from the Wintergarden retailers!  Great prizes, fabulous outfits and definitely a fun day out for people of all ages.

The Race Day celebrated the 151st anniversary of the first Tattersall’s Cup which was run on 16 August 1865. This event also marks the historical return of this event to Eagle Farm Racecourse post-renovations.

And yes, luckily we had a few tiaras in our jewellery box to choose from for the day – phew!

Catch you next week with the latest Brisbane events wrap-up!

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