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August 29, 2016

Wow, did BrisVegas come alive last week!  As most of you know by now, the CBD was transformed into New York City for the Thor blockbuster!

The city was buzzing!
The city was buzzing!

Streets were blocked off which caused traffic chaos for a lot of the workers in the city, but they didn’t mind in the slightest with many taking to Facebook and posting comments like: “It’s not every day I get to say that Chris Hemsworth made me late for work”.

It was Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s meeting with studio heads from Disney and its subsidiary Marvel in the US last year that brought the latest instalment in the Thor franchise to Queensland.  The Premier was quoted saying: “Big movies like Thor don’t just bring Hollywood glamour to Queensland, they bring jobs and economic activity.  I’ve personally lobbied the heads of the major film studios, ensuring they know how committed Queensland is to doing business with them.”

Our exclusive interview

We were lucky to get an exclusive interview … will the real Chris Hemsworth please stand up?

The delicious Bobby Holland Hanton
The delicious Bobby Holland Hanton

OMG we were so lucky to be up close and personal, and score a face-to-face interview with Bobby Holland Hanton, who plays the amazing stunt double for Chris Hemsworth in Thor Ragnorak.

And yes, of course we had to get a photo with him, so we managed to stand close enough to feel those nice big firm arms of his … sorry ladies, we had to do it, it’s part of our job!  Seriously, we should be getting danger money! Danger of falling for big stars that is!

As luck would have it, we met Bobby at one of the local bars in the city after the end of filming one evening, and of course we both opted for a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc.  Bobby had a nice cold iced water since he was heading off to a training session afterwards.

Once settled on the comfy chairs we then got down to it and trust us, his CV is as massive as his biceps!

Bobby began his career as a stunt double at the age of 23 when he played Daniel Craig’s double in Quantum of Solace. He has since amassed 28 films, 19 television productions, and some theatre work.  You might not have noticed—which is how it is supposed to be—that he was the stuntman for Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds,  Daniel Craig, Chris Pine (in Wonder Woman), Channing Tatum (in Jupiter Ascending) and Jake Gyllenhaal (in Prince of Persia). At the age of 32, he is still going strong and there is no stopping him.

Q1: Bobby’s eating plan

Firstly, we asked him how on earth was it possible to eat 35 meals a day, as that’s what we had heard was his daily eating plan.

Bobby laughed and said the truth was he sticks to eight high protein meals a day, with Sunday’s being his cheat day indulging in pizza and ice-cream.  His usual fitness program is sticking to gym twice a day for at least 40 minutes.

Q2: What’s the story with Thor?

Bobby said he loved working on Thor, and is committed to a four-year contract with the film. He also mentioned that he is best mates with Chris and they hang out quite regularly off set as well.

Q3: We asked what has been his best work experience

Bobby said working on the set of Batman with Christian Bale, and working closely with the Director Chris Nolan. It was in this film that he got to experience his most dangerous stunt – a 100ft high fall!

Q4: Naturally that led to our next question … had there been any major accidents along the way? 

Bobby said he did have a bad injury onset Green Lantern in 2010 when he played stunt double to Ryan Reynolds and ruptured a hernia. Another double for the stunt double had to step in!

Q5: Where to next … no, not after our drink, next in his career!

After he finishes in Brisbane (his first time in BrisVegas), Bobby said it was back to Movie World on the Gold Coast with filming set to round up around November this year. Then he is off to Atlanta for filming with The Avengers again with his buddy, Chris.

We loved chatting to Bobby – he is such a down to earth guy, and has a very sexy English accent, very Thordelicious!  We can’t wait to check out Thor Ragnorak when it hits the movie screens next year!

Compassion creating super-powered memories

Spending time with sick fans
Spending time with sick fans

After a gruelling 18-hour day filming on set, not only did Chris and Tom make time to meet the thousands of fans who waited to catch a glimpse of them, but they also took time out to surprise patients and families at The Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

Here, they created some super-powered memories for the children.  Chris even went back to visit a second night to see the children he missed out on seeing the first time.

A big shout-out to JuicedTV and the Children’s Hospital Foundation for making it happen! The Children’s Hospital Foundation works wonders by funding research, new equipment and entertainment for sick kids and their families.

Star spotting and how we got that Tom Hiddleston photo

OMG it's Tom!
OMG it’s Tom!

We should mention that while we were waiting for our interview with Bobby, Anthony Hopkins and Cate Blanchett walked passed us (only metres away) and gave us a wave.  We were on such a high, that we went for a celebratory champers or two of course. Just before our chauffeur (aka Jeff, Michaela’s hubby) picked us up, in walks Tom Hiddleston aka Loki, Thor’s little bro.

We were stunned! Not only was he happy to get a photo with us after his long day, but he stayed and chatted for ages. We declare him one of the nicest guys we have ever met.  He wouldn’t confirm or deny that Taylor would be back to visit soon, but we got the feeling that she will be here within weeks.

We later sent a comment to Taylor Swift to tell her, her new song should be:

“You should never, ever, ever, leave this lovely fella!”

LOL, what a day. Our next goal … to be extras on set with Chris, Bobby and Tom. A girl’s got to dream!

Jennifer              Michaela


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