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June 26, 2016

The convention aims to connect individuals and writing groups together face-to-face

The fourth annual Brisbane Writers’ Group Convention is on again on Sunday 31 July from 9am to 1pm and if you’re a word enthusiast, then you won’t want to miss it.

The convention aims to connect individuals and writing groups together face-to-face. You’ll have the opportunity to promote your work, listen to speakers, and chat to other writers.

Gillian Lloyd welcoming writers at last year's convention
Gillian Lloyd welcoming writers at last year’s convention

We spoke with organiser Gillian Lloyd who has just finalised the program for this year (see below).

Q: It’s a big task to stage a convention, what are the biggest hurdles for you?

Gillian: Ensuring that all writers and writers groups hear about the convention, and finding topics that appeal to all writers. Then, organising a smooth flowing program to fit into a tight timeframe!

Q: When did you first get the idea to bring writers together?

Gillian: I have been the convenor of the NightWriters group for over six years, and in 2013, I realised that there wasn’t an event specifically for writers’ groups. There is so much support and great feedback available in writers’ groups, but they aren’t always easy to find.

Q: How do you feel about the world of writing and publishing with all the new opportunities out there?

Gillian: There are now wonderful opportunities for writers to connect directly with their readers. I see the changes in the traditional and self-publishing areas as chances for the individual writer to create their own career path.

Kylie Kaden (left) with Gillian and Tania Joyce
Kylie Kaden (left) with Gillian and Tania Joyce

Q: Who has been one of your most popular guest speakers?

Gillian: We have been fortunate enough to have excellent speakers, so this is a tough one. Kylie Kaden who spoke last year is very relatable. Tania Joyce, who will be speaking again this year, has the added advantage of a marketing background.

Q: Tell us about this year’s convention? What can writers expect to come away with?

Gillian: We have an exciting program this year with something for every writer. Our speakers will cover the following:

  • Running a writing group;
  • Creating a great synopsis;
  • How to pitch to a publisher;
  • Creating an anthology;
  • Crafting short fiction; and,
  • Steps to successful publishing.

Speakers include:

  • Barry Levy, a Brisbane author with four published fiction novels, who will be talking about how his books were published, plus some practical advice for writers;
  • Lauren Elise Daniels’ background is manuscript assessment, editing, proofreading, writing, and workshops. This makes her an ideal person to speak about running writing groups, and creating a synopsis, a good summary, and how to pitch your book;
  • Noelle Clark, a Brisbane author (contemporary romance and historical fiction) will discuss in conjunction with Elizabeth Ellen Carter (novelist and short story writer), and Susanne Bellamy (romance and suspense author), creating and collaborating on an anthology of short stories – something many writers groups have considered;
  • Vicki Bennett—the bestselling author of 23 books on personal success, development and leadership—will share her insights on becoming a successful author;
  • Tania Joyce—successful author and marketing guru—will pass on tips she has learned over the last 12 months; and,
  • Eileen Herbert Goodall—award-winning writer of short fiction and non-fiction articles—will share the basics of crafting short fiction.

Editors from the Society of Editors and more local authors with great information to share will also be on hand and morning tea will be provided.

So if you are not in a writing group, come along and take part, meet convenors of the groups and pick up some tips and tricks.

Writers’ Group Convention
31 July 2016, 9am to 1pm
Enoggera Bowls Club, 72 Pickering St, Enoggera.
Cost $15 per person. Register online now.
Email: Info[@]

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