Frosé All New Years Day!

December 16, 2021

Forget New Years Eve, set yourself up for New Years Day and bring in 2021 with a Frosé!  The SheSociety girls got together with the team from Brisbane Drinks and have fine tuned the recipe for your recovery and awakening into the year 2021.
Frosé (Frozen Rosé)
1 x bottle of Rosé (one bottle makes 4-5 glasses of Frosé)
1/2 cup of sugar
10 hulled Frozen Strawberries (we used Woolworths branded frozen strawberries)
4-5 Fresh Strawberries for garnishing
Fresh Lemon Juice
There are two ways you can go when making a Frosé – sweet or dry.  When choosing our Rosé we opted for a Spanish Rosé from the Spanish vineyards of Bodegas Valdemar ( called Conde Valdemar which is a dry rosé.  The Brisbane Drinks team picked this up from their local sommelier at Vintage Cellars ( for only $19 a bottle.
Pour rosé into a a shallow tray and place into the freezer.  The rosé won’t completely solidify due to the alcohol content.  You will need to leave this to freeze overnight – you might need to go and check on it 3 hours into the freezing process and pour yourself half a glass for getting this far!
When ready for consuming take the frozen rosé out of the freezer as well as your frozen strawberries, and depending on the size of your blender (we used a nutri-bullet, did the job and was very different to the usual protein shake) place half of the frozen rosé into the blender, 5 of the frozen strawberries, half of the caster sugar and a squeeze of lemon.  Blend until all ingredients are smooth in constancy and the rosé looks almost pastel in colour.  If you like your rosé sweet this is when you can add more sugar, we stuck with the recommended small amount as we like to taste the wine!
You have now made Frosé, pour into big glasses and enjoy the beautiful pink slushy beside a pool, with your friends or while watching TV.  It will cure your hangover or it will not… what it will do is make you look fabulous and you will be able to get an epic photo to mark the first day of 2021 as the best so far on your Instagram! #Froséallday
Thanks to @brisbanedrinks

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