Why Iceland should be on your must-visit list

June 9, 2016

Iceland was everything I imagined and more. In all my travels I have never seen scenery quite like that of Iceland.

Iceland has been on my travel bucket list for some time, my desire initially sparked years ago by a conversation with a fellow traveler. Iceland jumped up the priority list after seeing the breathtaking scenery that featured in the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Earlier this year I read a story about spotting the Northern Lights in Iceland – it was the final nudge I needed to book my flights and embark on my next adventure.

Iceland was everything I imagined and more. The list of reasons why I love Iceland is endless but here are my top few:

  1. A refreshing change in climate (I know this one must be a shock to many)

The temperature in Iceland whilst cold, is not as chilly as the name of the country might imply. Many Icelandic’s believe that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices. I am fortunate enough to be well-travelled and already share this logic. As a result, I spent a lot of time pre-departure making sure that I had the right clothing and footwear packed.

I found the weather to be a refreshing change from the hot, humid climate I left behind in Brisbane. The cold weather also made elements of the trip much more enjoyable i.e. entering a cozy café with a fire. The lower temperature made me feel like I was a long way from home, and I loved that constant reminder.

  1. Beautiful Scenery

In all my travels I have never seen scenery quite like that of Iceland. I have heard the landscape being described as ‘other-worldly’ and that is exactly what it looks like. Images from Lord of the Rings came to mind while admiring the countryside. Envisage; rocky black moss covered lava fields, volcano craters, waterfalls, and glaciers.

Spotting the Northern Lights is the icing on the cake. If you are lucky enough to spot the Northern Lights, it is a moment in time that you will never forget. The green lights fluttering through the sky is nothing short of spectacular.

  1. Icelandic’s love the outdoors and nature

 I enjoy the outdoors and was drawn to the adventurous spirit of Icelandic people. Every local I met had a keen interest in some type of outdoor activity; hiking, glacier climbing, and mountain bike riding to name a few.

The weather in Iceland is unpredictable to say the least; sunny one day, raining or even snowing the next. Icelandic’s make the most of good weather by spending it outdoors. Even when the weather is bad most Icelandic’s spend their leisure time at local geothermal pools enjoying another of nature’s gifts.

  1. A photographer’s paradise

 I have a passion for photography and Iceland is the perfect country to take photos. Everywhere I turned there was an amazing landscape waiting to be photographed. Check out some of my photos in the slider above.

*Tip: If you have the cash available, invest in a good camera to take with you, and make sure you know how to use it. The scenery won’t disappoint; the only regret you may have is not having a good camera to photograph it.

The verdict:

Iceland is a fabulous holiday destination. It is safe and easy country to travel around. The people are friendly and as an added bonus English is widely spoken which makes interacting with the locals a breeze. The scenery is breathtaking and something you are unlikely to see anywhere else in the world. If you have the chance, a visit to Iceland is a must.

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