Love and Small Town Shenanigans

October 21, 2016

"There's no doubt the story is good fun if you're looking for a light and entertaining read"

Author: Karly Lane / Reviewer: Lucretia Ackfield

It’s been slim pickings in the romance department for single mum Lucy Parker in the small town of Bundah. So when hot biker Hugh Thompson arrives and reopens the local pub, sparks are set to fly.

With her daughter Belle hanging out with the wrong crowd and her new love interest suspected of drug dealing, Lucy has her hands full. Meanwhile, Hugh’s attempts to escape his checkered past seem destined to fail as the local cops begin asking awkward questions.

From town gossip to drug overdoses, criminal biker gangs and teenage rebellion, Second Chance Town has got it all. Throw in the occasional sex scene and you have a novel that begins as a romance then evolves into a mystery with a crime element. The plot twists from one genre to another but bestselling Australian author, Karly Lane, carries you along for the ride.

There’s no doubt the story is good fun if you’re looking for a light and entertaining read. You’ll find the usual small town characters including the ladies from the Country Women’s Association keeping their fingers on the pulse, a mayor keen on bringing in the money and a local copper keeping watch over his beat with a more than friendly interest in our heroine.

Lane paints a convincing picture of life in a small town and provides insights into the challenges of our rural communities during tough economic times. The themes of isolation, a distrust of strangers and the role of communities in looking after their own are also highlighted as our lead characters are put through their paces.

Second Chance Town culminates with a showdown that seems unusual for this genre and I must confess the ending seemed hurried, almost as if the author was on the verge of exceeding the word limit and had needed to pull all the threads together in a couple of pages (instead of a chapter).

If you like light romance with a sprinkling of sexy-time then you’ll probably like this novel. I’m sure it will give you an enjoyable way to briefly escape your surroundings during the commute to work or while you’re parked in the school pick-up line.

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