Neeson Keeps Us On The Edge In- The Commuter

January 18, 2018

#SheBrisbane was invited to attend a review screening of Liam Neeson’s new action packed thriller The Commuter and it is safe to say that we were not disappointed.

If you are a fan of Neeson’s taken then you are going to LOVE The Commuter, full of plenty of action but with surprising twists along the way which will keep you second guessing yourself.

Neeson plays Michael, an insurance salesman who after years of daily commute from home in the suburbs to work in the city, is made redundant. On his way home he his routine quickly makes a turn after he was contacted by a mysterious stranger.

This stranger gives Michael a mysterious task to find the identity of a passenger hidden on the train in exchange for a life changing sum of cash.

After involving every passenger on the train in the trip that could cost their lives, Michael quickly catches up to the fact that this conspiracy is bigger then the identity of the passenger.

We were pleasantly surprised with Neeson in this thriller, as it offers more than meets the eye as another Neeson thriller.

Action rating- 5 stars

Thriller rating- 3 stars

In cinemas TODAY, The Commuter is not one to be missed on your hit list.

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