#SheInspires Harriette Hale

April 4, 2018

Harriette Hale can be described as a serial fempreneur, creating her first company when she was only 19 and has continued to set up five more.

Harriette is a certified soul, money and mindset coach, along with teaching and coaching other freelancers and entrepreneurs, she’s also a singer/songwriter.

“I never gave myself an alternative, I never wanted a job, I’ve always been a bit of a rebel, I don’t like to be told what to do, I don’t like to be controlled and I guess that’s why it started.”

“I feel like I can make massive changes in the world and that’s why I’m in business, it’s part of my life purpose and my soul path and that’s what I’m destined to do, that’s why I’m here, to help women step into their power and their light.”

As a Priestess of Light, Harriette explains that she is an energy healer.

“I was a energy healer practitioner and when you get to the point of energy healing where you can impact physical symptoms, it then progresses you on to the next level of spiritually and that can be recognised in many ways.”

“Some women become priestesses, some become shamans. It’s spiritual recognition of a gift, the thing that I channel most for me and that I use for teaching and healing is light.”

As a seasoned entrepreneur Harriette had some golden gems of wisdom to share:

Always Have a Why

“Always have that place you can go back to which will remind you why your doing what you’re doing.”

“Starting out in business can be very frustrating and tiring, we always fall into that question of how, how is this going to work, what is it going to look like? When we go back to our why, that’s what will give us that energy boost and the reinspirination that we need to keep going.”

Look for Help

“I would advise people who are just starting out to get as much help as possible, get a coach, get a mentor, just have someone or a group of people who you can call on anytime for support, for guidance and wisdom.”

“It’s a lonely old world and it’s still a world that many people don’t understand, many people have friends and family around them who aren’t fully supportive of their entrepreneur goals. So it’s always nice to have a tribe of people who are on the same page as you.”

Don’t Be Scared

“Don’t be scared to share your purpose, don’t be scared to get your services out there into the world, sharing why you’re doing what you’re doing.”

As a money mindset coach Harriette also explains that net worth is intrinsically connected to our self worth.

“Even if we have the best made business plan in the world, if the mind behind it isn’t fully aligned and isn’t on the same page then that business plan isn’t going to happen.”

“So whatever your financial goals are, make sure your belief systems are fully supporting that goal and there are no belief gremlins that are waiting in the shadows to trip you up.”

Harriette’s biggest lesson throughout her life and business is to always trust herself and to go with her first thought.

“For me the key to success is being prepared to break the conditioning and do what’s right for you rather than succumbing to limiting beliefs and other people’s ideas of success, be willing to do it your own way.”

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