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November 30, 2022

I first heard the beautiful voice of Laura Frank when I ventured out to the Scenic Rim for the launch of the Scenic Rim Eat Local Week. Standing under the majestic and ancient trees of the Scenic Rim Farm Shop, Laura entertained us with her cool mix of country rock and pop. It was just right for the occasion. I had to know more about this cool, local talent. 

Laura Frank is a 32 year old singer songwriter who hails originally from the Lake Moogerah area. During the pandemic she built a tiny house with her partner and collaborator, Nick. These two travel the depths and breadth of Queensland sharing songs of love, hope and resilience. On December 2,  Laura will be back in the Scenic Rim playing at The Barn to a sell-out audience and sharing her amazing talent once again in the place she calls home. 

Imagine a young, edgy country girl who has been gifted a voice, and a talent to tell stories and write music. She’s been through enough to share heartbreak and joy, and she looks to the future with universal hope. You listen to her songs, not for the chorus, but to know what happens next. 

Add a touch of Bruce Springsteen, throw in a dash of Melissa Etheridge, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga and bake that into an Australian country music pie, Dolly Parton style and you have Laura Frank. 

Laura Frank is a full time musician, a DIY fanatic, animal lover and earth lover. She moved back to the Scenic Rim three years ago and created her home from recycled materials. During this time she also recorded five singles: Things I’d Rather Do, Leave It All Behind, Pretty, Simple Girl and The Road. 

Several of these songs have reached the Top 10 in the Australian Country Music Charts. Pretty and Simple Girl both made it to number one on the iTunes Music Video Charts. She has also created three number one music videos. All during a pandemic. 

This country girl is as at home in dusty boots as she is in sequins and high heels, having lived in Brisbane for 10 years. She was a dancer and studied Creative Industries. She then became a fitness instructor who opened a Mixed Martial Arts, Strength and Conditioning Facility, and a Café. It was at this point her then long – term relationship fell apart and heartache began. So did the anxiety, something so many people experience and hide. She didn’t. She wrote songs about both. 

Time passed and it was while living alone in her one bedroom pad in Ascot, making ends meet, when she met Nick. When he moved in so did his tabby cat with an ability to steal your heart …Kevin Bacon. They decided to move back to the country where they feel most at home. Today they share their tiny recycled home with Kevin Bacon, two dogs – Dennis and Winnie, two goats – Stanley and Ebony and a whole lot of love. 

When asked about her music Laura says, “ Great songs are stories put to music. They are stories you love to listen to over and over again. That’s my aim, to transport people to another world. When you read a great novel you can see, taste, smell the world the writer has created and I want to do that through music.” 

As Laura speaks her eyes light up, “ Most of my greatest memories have songs attached to them, whether it be joy, sadness, anger or excitement. Just hearing, even a tiny piece of song can transport me back to a moment. These songs are the soundtrack of my life. I want Laura Frank songs to be the soundtrack in other people’s lives. I also write to inspire and give hope.” 

This home grown talent can be found on Spotify and in shows around the country. Her album will drop in 2023. Like me, you can follow Laura and hop on the Frank train @laurafrankmusic to find out about her lives, loves and live shows. I will be watching this talented musician as her career grows and soars and you know how well things grow in the rich soils of the Scenic Rim. Laura Frank is succeeding in the tough music industry despite heartbreak and a pandemic, her songs tell stories that are uplifting and full of hope and that is why #SheInspires.

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