#SheInspires Rebecca Massey

May 14, 2024

Rebecca Massey is one of Australia’s most accomplished film, television and theatre actresses. From UTOPIA to TOTAL CONTROL, she has wowed audiences Australia wide on the big and small screens and won a swag of awards for her theatre work along the way.

This week Rebecca is here in Brisbane where audiences can see her in the comedy play 44 SEX ACTS IN ONE WEEK. She Society spoke to Rebecca ahead of her performances at The Brisbane Powerhouse.

1. What are some of your favourite roles that our readers will recognise you from?

The role most people come up to me in the street about is Beverley from HR in UTOPIA. She’s the character that most people like to hate. I don’t know what it is about HR that makes people ropeable – but I think it’s a combination of “how do I make you feel really good at work and also while you’re being fired…” that peep smells a rat.

2. What is it that you most love about doing live theatre?

I love that you make it new each night with the 300 strangers that are sitting there in the dark with you. Feeling the audience each night is the greatest thrill – it’s like the temperature inn the room changes minute to minute, and in the theatre, as the actor you’re holding the remote. I LOVE IT.

3. You are one of the names behind the production of 44 SEX ACTS IN ONE WEEK. What was it about David Finnigan’s script that appealed to you?

Fun. Fun. Naughty hilarious funny. But like the best juicy mango, it’s got a hard centre that makes you think. It’s like the perfect mango: shiny slick on the outside, fleshy and sweet with something hard in the middle.

4. What can audiences expect when they come along to 44 Sex Acts in One Week?

Apart from a delicious love story told like a banging apocalyptic film clip, expect some excellent actors going down on their microphones, mangoes and melons in a slippery subversive take on a radio play.

5. You play several roles in this rom com. How would you describe your characters?

I play Malaine Gutierrez who is a sex coach, educator and influencer. She’s a self – described “problematic sex genius” and is on a book tour promoting her book, “The 44 Sex Acts that will change your life”. I also play Irene Gamerman who is editor of a blog called, SheSquad. Irene’s a survivor from the deep primordial past of print media. Ice cold, efficient and devastating to Malaine’s piping hot.

6. What are you looking forward to doing here in Brisbane?

I LOVE Brisbane. I want to swim in the pool at South Bank, eat delicious food in James Street and check out Howard Smith Wharves, sip a cocktail at the Soleil Pool Bar and loads of the other new rooftop places…. I’m also looking forward to tapping your gorgeous Queensland fruit to make sure we are going to give our audiences the perfect acoustic sex symphony.

7. Do you have a quote to live by?

Life. Be in it.

8. What’s next for Rebecca Massey?

We’re off to Canberra with the show, then to Edinburgh to share our disobedient Australian comedy with the world. It seems like there is no stopping this powerhouse Australian actor who was most recently seen in EROTIC STORIES, WHILE THE MEN ARE AWAY, THE MESSENGER and BARONS. Her film work includes BLAZE, BAD GIRL, ACCIDENTS HAPPEN and THE BLACK BALLOON, amongst others. In this play she shares the stage with Aaron Tsindos, Amber Mc Mahon and Nancy Denis and is directed Sheridan Harbridge who I last saw in the on stage in the play, PRIMA FACIE. This hilarious play was written by David Finnigan. With 6 microphones. 4 knockout actors. Post -pandemic beatz. Heaps of fruit. 44 SEX ACTS IN ONE WEEK is a slippery subversive take on your classic radio play which shocks and awes in the funniest way posssible. Produced by Clubhouse Productions this play is on at the Brisbane Powerhouse as part of the 2024 Brisbane Comedy Festival. She Society is looking forward to Opening Night to watch the talented Rebecca Massey in action.

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