‘Anyone But You’ Charms Audiences at Dendy Cinemas Coorparoo

December 23, 2023

On the vibrant evening of Monday, December 18th, excitement and anticipation filled the air at Dendy Cinemas Coorparoo as film enthusiasts gathered for a special preview of “Anyone But You.” The event offered an exclusive sneak peek into this eagerly awaited cinematic gem, creating an immersive experience for attendees. Against the backdrop of the cozy and contemporary Dendy Cinemas venue, guests were treated to an enchanting glimpse of the film’s narrative and visual storytelling. The preview not only showcased the artistry of the filmmakers but also provided a unique opportunity for the audience to delve into the storyline and characters, setting the stage for the film’s wider release. As the credits rolled, the atmosphere buzzed with discussions and excitement, leaving attendees eagerly anticipating the official release of “Anyone But You.” The event was a testament to the magic of cinema and the communal joy of sharing a captivating story on the big screen.

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