The Great Leggings Debate

Ban leggings on campus? Ludicrous – wearing leggings allows women to move like superheroes The Conversation, Canada April 17, 2019. By Samantha Brennan, Professor and Dean | College of Arts, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. I’m writing this at my office computer […]

Christmas Hugs

Remember that Christmas years ago when your Mum encouraged you to give a distant aunt a big hug after she gave you a present? It’s perhaps one of the most confusing things that can be sent to a child. Encouraged cuddles — those […]

Being single all year round

So you’re not a ‘couple’… trust me, I have spent many Valentines Day’s in the state of singledom and I have to say, sometimes they are the best ones. What better way to show the love then to have some quality time […]