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May 21, 2018

It’s almost three weeks since I had my twin girls and I’ve finally had the chance in between breastfeeding, changing millions of nappies and numerous hospital visits to come up for air.

Despite both my bubbas getting their older sister’s cold, life has been surprisingly much more easy going since their arrival compared to the transition from one to two babies two years ago (see article here).


During this time I’ve also had the privilege of testing some beautiful products to make this time extra special and all of which are specifically made for women, children and families in general.


Australian owned Itchy Baby Co was developed by Mum and pharmacist of 15 years, Julia Simmons to support families with natural skincare.


Having children with sensitive skin myself, this product is just perfect and I couldn’t wait to get my girls in the bath to try them out.

I was sent three packets of the Itchy Baby Co bath soak including the original natural oatmeal bath soak, natural oatmeal bath soak with goat’s milk and organic coconut and natural oatmeal bath soak with goat’s milk. In addition to the bath soaks they sent a cute rubber ducky for some bath time fun along with the delicious natural oatmeal moisturiser with organic coconut which I’ve been using on all the family, including myself as I have had quite dry and itchy belly skin post-birth.


For two older girls who are five and two I tried out the original natural oatmeal bath soak which was perfect for their skin, particularly my five year old as she’s always suffered from dry skin and some excema when she was younger.


The girls loved the smell and playing with the rubber ducky and also loved lathering the creamy moisturiser into their skin, leaving them smell of coconut goodness.



This product has come in really handy with swaddling my twinnies and the beautiful soft, 95% cotton/5% elastin fabric makes it soft and breathable for them while sleeping.


This new design has stepped away from the traditional square wrap by creating a swaddle wrap that gently cocoons your baby’s arms in hidden pockets within the swaddle.


I found this feature to be really clever as I’ll be the first to admit I’m useless when it comes to swaddling so any help I can get is much appreciated.


The colours and patterns are also very on trend with my green and white “Daintree” design swaddle a beautiful addition to my twins wardrobe. The Koala Hugs swaddle also comes in a “Minty Bears” design.


The wrap while still a little big (120cm x 120cm) on my tiny twins who were born at 37 weeks, will no doubt get lots of use out of it yet and is a great portable companion to soothe any baby either at home or while out and about.




“If it hasn’t already, sh*t is about to get wild. Real wild. Brace yourself and embrace the chaos.”


I just love the above message which is the opening line to a much longer “pep talk on a card” if you will, sent with every purchase of Mammojo’s lactivewear active wear for breastfeeding mammas.


This little message of kindness and empowerment is so appealing as a new mother as we need all the support and encouragement we can get and shows just how much passion for supporting mums lies behind the Mammojo brand.


The team at Mammojo have also nailed breastfeeding activewear with their amazing breastfeeding tops which are not only visually and textually appealing, but ate super practices with their discreet feeding holes built into the top.


I was fortunate to test run the Hannah Breastfeeding Yoga Top, Signature Lounge Pants and the Signature Breastfeeding Hoodie. The Hannah top comes in a lovely soft material with vibrant splashes of blue purple and aquamarine. The inbuilt padding also provides great comfort for the breastfeeding active Mum and easy accessibility when needing to feed.


The cosy Lounge pants are perfect post birth when comfort is the ultimate goal. The soft material is lovely and cool and you feel like you’re lounging in luxurious silky pantaloons. And the Signature hoodie is also perfect for the autumn winter transition and definitely something I’m going to be living in over the next few months. I also love the discreet little zips for my nips to pop out of- my five year old found this particular feature especially entertaining.


Not only does Mammojo provide a range of high quality nursing friendly activewear and swimwear specifically designed for busy feeding mammas, they use all proceeds to help address the shocking disparity in global maternal and infant mortality rates. Therefore, for every order placed, Mammojo provide a birth kit to the world’s most vulnerable women so they might also have a clean and safe birth through our partnership with the Birthing Kit Foundation. Very cool!


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