Some Road Trips Can Be Thrilling, Allowing You to See the Best Things in Life

December 15, 2023

Road Trips

Whether you plan a road trips for fun, adventure, or relaxation, the primary agenda is to enjoy a great outdoor time. Such tours also allow families to bond well. Travelling on weekends or during long holidays is a good idea. A road trips always offers something majestic. You can imagine passing through verdant rainforests, red-coloured Outback, and the sandy beaches. However, Australia’s natural beauty and culture are much more than these. So, if you want to travel from Brisbane to Perth by road, you can make your itinerary comfortable and fun with the best sightseeing spots and activities. 

You can hire a campervan to add a luxurious touch to your travel. For options, check . In your campervan, you can pressure to many locations. Here is a short look at a number of them.


This Queensland city attracts nature enthusiasts. The Darling Downs and the Great Dividing Range surround it. You can explore the city’s culture, diverse food, and botanical gardens. Pubs and cafes serve fantastic regional dishes and craft brews. Don’t miss St. Luke’s Anglican Church and the Empire Theatre. Those who want to bask in the wholesome Toowoomba experience visit Tabletop Mountain National Park for a rendezvous with wildlife and countryside views. Hiking trails can add some more spice to your trip.

The Eyre Peninsula

You can stop at Port Lincoln in the Eyre Peninsula for rest. Beaches and seafood can nourish your mind and body. You can also explore the oyster farm to learn about farming and preparation and taste fresh oysters. After this, you can spend time on the beach, swimming, kayaking, fishing, and checking the rock pools. 

The Nullarbor Plain

On your journey to Perth, you will find seemingly endless wilderness plains. One of those famous landscapes is The Nullarbor Plain, which occupies the areas between South and Western Australia. The tracks, dirt roads, and dunes offer great off-roading opportunities. Mountain biking and hiking are also possible to try. At the equal time, be equipped to peer uncommon birds, kangaroos, dingoes, and emus. Do you have an hobby in pictures or astrology? Do you have an interest in photography or astrology? Stopping in this area at night can be more rewarding. The starry sky will light up your memories.


The Goldfields city offers a 30-minute scenic flight, allowing you to enjoy the best views from the top. It will add to the expense, though. You can also check the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Museum for ideas about its past and culture. Look at the famous structures like the Town Hall Clock Tower and the Kalgoorlie Town Hall. Camping, cycling, and hiking activities are also accessible.

The distance from Brisbane to Perth can be covered in 46 hours without stopping. If you include a few spots, the road trip will be extended to three days. However, you can make the most of this road trips by giving yourself 5 to 9 days to reach Perth. It will help you cover many famous and unknown gems in between. At the same time, well-planned stopovers will keep your energy levels high for the final destination.

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