Like A Sunset

February 13, 2017

Just in! Kaylene Harris from WARWICK Fabrics shares with SheBrisbane yet another trending colour tip…

“It’s about to hit a rapid heatwave in Brisbane, but what’s hot right now is orange!

One of this year’s predictions for colour trend is inspired by spice hues and tropical getaways.
A great style I love is the Spanish style homes, with the terracotta roof tops and the warm tones in their design.

Coming back into trend is the terracotta tile, large with a rustic matte finish would be a great new look to your home.

But if ripping up tiles is too much, try a burnt orange rug.

This colour is featured in 60s and 70s retro style, which is trending in a lot of mid-century modern furniture that is being up-cycled and popular with warm wood tones.

Feature pieces like an accent chair can add that warmth to your room.

If orange is too much for you, try melon or peach in some cushions or a throw.

Team with colours such as olive, blush or red to add that extra wow factor!”

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