December: Comedy That Hits The Heart And Tackles Homelessness And Hunger

October 12, 2023

Community Canteen presents “Laughs At The Canteen” uniting Brisbane for a night of laughter and giving to tackle homelessness and hunger.

Community Canteen, a devoted not-for-profit organisation in Brisbane, is excited to announce an upcoming Comedy Fundraiser Night on December 12, at The Triffid headlined by Mel Buttle with support from Emma Zammit & Peter James and hosted by Shad Wicka. The event aims to address the critical issue of hunger among the homeless population in Brisbane, a problem exacerbated by the city’s record number of 9,700 homeless individuals on any given night, constituting almost 2% of the population.

In the face of staggering statistics, Community Canteen remains steadfast in its mission: to provide fresh, nutritious, and tasty meals to those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The organization believes that a healthy, delicious meal not only offers practical sustenance but also positively impacts the well-being and outlook on life of those in need.

“Laughs at The Canteen” seeks to raise funds to combat this issue, offering an evening of laughter provided by Brisbane’s funniest comedians. The event is crucial, especially considering that 42% of people experiencing homelessness in Brisbane are under 24 years old, and rental affordability in the city is at a historic low. For a young adult on Youth Allowance, even a room in a share house is unaffordable, at more than two thirds (67%) of their income.

Community Canteen, which operates entirely with the dedication of volunteers, annually provides over 40,000 meals to people in need. The organization partners with other entities, sharing resources and ensuring efficient allocation of funds to food. Community Canteen has a proven track record, preparing about 600 meals a week, with 250 meals per shift going to domestic violence shelters and 300-350 to homeless shelters and community centres for those in need.

“Our resolve matches the enormity of the challenge,” affirmed Gavin Hill, Director and spokesperson for Community Canteen. “This Comedy Fundraiser Night isn’t merely about laughter; it’s a powerful stance against homelessness and hunger. Together, we can pave the way to hope and nourishment for those who need it most.”

Key elements of Community Canteen’s service delivery model include shopping for food from commercial stores, picking up donated food from food share organisations, utilising commercial kitchens owned by partner organisations, and serving meals directly to clients. The organization prides itself on its 5-star food safety accreditation from Brisbane City Council, ensuring the health and safety of both the community and volunteers.

Tickets can be purchased online.

Event Details:
Date: December 12
Time: 6pm
Venue: The Triffid, 7-9 Stratton Street
Newstead QLD 4006

Ticket Information: Tickets can be purchased online at

General Admission: $66.71


About Community Canteen

Community Canteen is a dedicated not-for-profit organization in Brisbane, committed to providing fresh, nutritious, and tasty meals to the homeless and individuals at risk of homelessness. Through community-driven initiatives and the support of generous donors and volunteers, Community Canteen strives to combat hunger and promote overall well-being among those in need. To learn more about Community Canteen’s mission and initiatives, please visit

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