The Perfect Non-Alcoholic Wine Alternative To Try This Spring

October 11, 2023

NON has just launched their next iteration in their stellar line up of wine alternatives, NON8. SheSociety sat down with founder Aaron Trotman to get the full run-down of their first edition of their 2023/24 Spring/Summer capsule collection.

What was the motivation for creating NON?
Back in 2017, my wife and I were making our way through a selection of fine-dining restaurants while travelling through Europe. We experienced pairing foods with non-alcoholic beverages for the first time and something about that stuck with me, even after we’d travelled home. I continued to look for these non-alc pairings in restaurants across Victoria and eventually realised you couldn’t buy this type of drink in a bottle – it just wasn’t accessible yet and I wanted to do something to change that. NON was born shortly after.

Where did the inspiration for the name ‘NON’ come from?
NON stands for both Non-Alcoholic and Non-Conformist, the two pillars that define our product.

What was your inspiration behind this new iteration, NON8?
We’re always innovating and embracing the unconventional at NON. With NON8, we had an idea of creating an apple type beverage with skin contact wines in mind. We cold steeped freeze-dried apple cubes to remove 85% of their water content and concentrate the fruit flavour, this gave us a body to work with that we needed to build on.

NON8 is big, bold and robust. It builds beautifully in every sip thanks to the ginger root and cacao steeped verjus. We go the extra mile to make the apple super nuanced and flavourful and I think that really shows when you taste this drink.

What about NON8 is different from your previous seven original bottles?
NON8 is the first release in our capsule collection. It’s a limited edition series that challenges consumers to think differently about the way they drink. NON8 is the perfect way to start with its boldness and sharpness, ideal for the warmer months.

We pride ourselves at NON by taking no shortcuts. What you see is what you get, our NON range is carefully crafted with real produce made by experts. NON8 is one of the boldest of our range; the cold steeping process really concentrates the fruit flavour, which makes the drink so zingy and fresh.

After two years of serving up our signature seven bottles, NON8 was 18 months in the making. We took a step back from flavour innovation and new product releases to focus on opening our cellar door, NONHQ, in Melbourne.

Why do you think non-alcoholic drink alternatives are becoming increasingly popular in Australian society in recent years?
It’s been an interesting one to watch, we went from such a low selection of non-alc options, to a spike in the population preferring to moderate. The last few years have had a huge impact on our health and the way we look at our drinking habits and wellness overall.

People are drinking less but what they’re drinking is of a more premium nature, and even the younger generation is far more progressive in their decision-making process. Non-alc options are much better now than a few years ago and are here to stay, especially with the level of innovation across the category. The moderation movement is one we are starting to see more and more, and highlights both mindfulness & premium options when abstaining.

What do you recommend is the best way to drink NON8?
NON8 is best served chilled in a wine glass. The zingy and fresh expression is perfect for a balmy backyard summer soirée, paired with creamy pastas, poached lobster, grilled vegetables or spicy asian cuisine.

Where can I get NON8?
NON8 is available to purchase via our website or if you’re in Melbourne, you can try our full range, while enjoying a tour of NONHQ – the world’s first non-alcoholic cellar door. NON is also available at restaurants, boutique hotels and speciality stores across Australia.

What’s next for NON?
2023 has been a big year with the launch of our cellar door, NONHQ, in Melbourne and the release of our first limited-edition beverage, NON8. There will be more exciting news to come as we move into 2024, but as a brand, we’ll continue to innovate and experiment with new flavours and ingredients, and stay focused on our mission to create real drinks, for real times.

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