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October 31, 2023

Still Photography on the set of "Bring him to me"

One of the most appealing attractions of the American style action movie Bring Him To Me, its production is local. It was made independently, a labour of love, blood and sweat. Written, directed, produced by Luke Spake and filmed around the City of Gold Coast and City of Brisbane. Great performances from fabulous hard-working actors passionate about their craft, many well known to us.

Plus, Sparke, director, drives a gritty suspenseful, fast-paced action thriller to our screens. This film explores the complexities of human nature and the moral dilemmas that arise when loyalties and ethics collide, Sparke says. The film’s characters are riddled with vices, both selfish and self-absorbed, making for a compelling palette to work with as a filmmaker.

In contrast, Luke Sparke’s previous films, (Occupation, Red Billabong, Scurry, Fight for Your Life, the 34th Battalion) explore a much lighter side of humanity.

It sure is one hell of a ride. Bring Him To Me is a contender for the 2024 AACTA Awards 

The Story

In Bring Him To Me, under orders from a ruthless crime boss, mild-mannered Driver (Barry Pepper) has his conscience tested when he is asked to collect a young and unsuspecting crew member known as Passenger (Jamie Costa) one week after a violent robbery. 

What the Passenger doesn’t know is that he is being driven to an ambush for his execution.  There is a long drive ahead.

With repercussions of the robbery on their tail, Driver’s conscience is about to be tested as loyalties and morals collide.  

The actors brought their unique perspective to the project to create a movie full of surprises and unexpected performances. 

Bringing Sam Neill and Rachel Griffiths into the movie was a bonus. Nevertheless, Barry Pepper (Driver) and Jamie Costa (Passenger) were the real stars, supported by their fellow conspirers to produce this intense story of guilt and regret. 

The Cast

Directed by:  Luke Sparke 

Starring: Barry Pepper, Jamie Costa, Liam McIntyre &  Zachary Garred. Including Jennings Brower, Marcus Johnson, Alex Fleri, and Josemily Royle. With Rachel Griffiths and Sam Neill

Written by Tom Evans

#Screen Australia 

#SparkeFilms #RialtoDistribution

In Australian Cinemas November 2 


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