#SheReviews: Retribution Movie

September 20, 2023

My family are all huge Liam Neeson fans and it’s always exciting when he has a new film out. We have watched the Taken franchise many, many times and never grow tired of them. So, I was very excited when I was invited to an advanced screening of Retribution which is from the creators of Non – Stop and The Commuter. As we entered the darkened cinema, She Society prepared for another high – octane, thrill a minute ride.

Liam Neeson is back as Matt Turner, a successful Berlin – based American businessman, juggling a financial career with his family responsibilities. While reluctantly driving his kids to school one morning, Matt receives a call from a mysterious voice saying there is a bomb under his seat. It’s been triggered by the pressure of him sitting down … so he must not exit the vehicle. This bomb will detonate unless he completes a series of tasks and fast.

Matt’s already in danger of losing his family due to his workaholic tendencies so must now protect them at all costs. The bombers show they mean business by blowing up one of his work colleagues right in front of their eyes. Suddenly the police (led by Noma Dumezwenii ) are convinced that Matt is the bomber and that he is the one wreaking havoc. A high-speed car chase through the city ensues.

Travelling across the city at speed Matt must try to protect his family whilst completing a series of ever more elaborate tasks. He must solve the mystery before the clock that’s steadily ticking in this anxiety inducing ride. Neeson is as solid as ever in his role of protector to his children. He must carry the force of the whole movie on his broad shoulders. Much of it plays out in his car.

This film is the third remake of the Spanish thriller El Desconocido. Directed by Nimrod Antal (Vacancy, Predators) it boasts an all-star cast including Matthew Modine and Embeth Davidtz. (you might remember Embeth as Neeson’s co-star from Schindler’s List)

This is no Taken … but it is a Neeson vehicle for fans to while away some time watching their favourite ‘don’t mess with me’ father in action. The audience eventually find out who the bomber is after some exciting car chases and action. This Liam Neeson action thriller is in cinemas from September 21.



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