What NOT To Pack On Your Travel Abroad

September 18, 2023

Photography by Amos Bar-Zeev

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of last-minute packing-panic when approaching a holiday overseas. Packing efficiently is a skill, and many of us are still falling into the trap of shoving an unnecessarily excessive amount of personal items into our suitcases just for a short trip away. Here are the 5 things you should definitely try to avoid bringing with you on your next trip overseas.

1. Most of your jewellery.
With jewellery, less is definitely more. While it doesn’t take up much room, the likelihood of you coming back from your holiday having worn no more than two different pairs of earrings is very high. Don’t kid yourself – all you’re most likely going to wear is the jewellery you already wear everyday. At most, bring one extra pair of earrings (two max). You also have every opportunity to shop while you’re away – if you see some cute jewellery overseas, go for your life!

2. Invaluable, irreplaceable items.
Travelling comes with risk. Like it or not, there’s a possibility one of the many airlines you fly with will lose your belongings. There’s also a chance you may (hopefully not) come across a thief or two during your time overseas. Do NOT pack anything that you aren’t ready to lose. You may feel the urge to spice-up your holiday outfits with your new gold watch or priceless diamond ring – do what you please, but remember, you’ve been warned.

3. Your entire swimwear drawer.
Apologies to the ski-destination fans, this point is Summer-holiday-specific. When packing, people seem to forget that repeating outfits isn’t illegal, and is actually completely acceptable. Nobody but you is going to notice if you’re wearing the same pair of bikinis you were wearing three days ago while you’re on a beach in Italy. If you’re planning on doing Euro-Summer in 2024, 3-4 swimsuits is plenty (if that).

4. Multiple variations of sandals.
Continuing the Euro-Summer advice (sorry snow lovers), one pair of sandals is plenty. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but, more often than not, no one is looking at your feet. Sandals are a versatile accessory – the same pair of Birkenstocks could compliment a pair of shorts and a t-shirt just as well as a midi-dress. Not to mention, shoes take up a lot of room. Save your space.

5. Lots of handbags.
Speaking of saving space, one or two handbags is more than enough. You’re probably looking at your adorable collection of clutches, cross-body bags and shoulder bags and thinking ‘I’ll wear all of these when I’m away!’ You won’t. Bring one – maximum two – neutral handbag(s) that will compliment most of your wardrobe’s colour palette, and stick with that.

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