Taylor Swift Concert 2024: The Era’s Crash Course

February 15, 2024

Image: Chaz McGregor

It’s no debate that Taylor Swift has taken the world by storm. Cultivating an intense and loyal fanbase. A fanbase that is paying top dollar and committing to her three and a half hour concerts around the world. No stress if you, a self-proclaimed ‘Swiftie’, need a quick crash course before you attend the concert.

There are ten eras that Taylor performs from at her concerts. She plays 44 songs, around five songs from each album/era. The fans have decided amongst themselves to dress in the theme of their favourite era when attending the concerts.

These eras are colour-coded, they have different themes and contexts that depict different moments in her life.

Taylor Swift/ Debut era (2006-2009) is her first album, released in 2006. After years performing in bars and venues in Nashville, she finally debuted this album at 16 years old. The style is teenage country darling, tight blonde curls, floral sundresses and signature cowgirl boots.

The Fearless era (2009-2010) released in 2009 and won album of the year at the Grammys in 2010. It is essentially full of sequins and teenage romanticism. A quintessential era that is well loved by many Swifties.

The Speak Now era (2010-2012) is magical and theatrical, this album is completely self-written. The style of sparkly dresses and loose curls, essentially an ethereal fairy aesthetic especially the colour purple. Swifties are encouraged to emulate the style and dress whimsically if this is their favourite era.

Red era (2012-2014) shows Taylor Swift shifting into a more mature and experimental style. Red lipstick, black fedoras, straight hair and blunt bangs. Swapping out her previous princess styles for the high waisted shorts and striped shirts.

The 1989 era (2014-2017) established Taylor as a global pop phenomenon. Her full-scale pop album had the singer taking over the music world. She changed her fashion style again, cut her hair into a short bob, opting for crop tops and skater skirts, more form-fitting clothes. She was also never far from her infamous and staple BFF girl Squad.

Reputation era (2017-2018) is her darkest and edgiest era yet. She found herself amid bad press and negative public scrutiny. It started with her infamous feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Taylor disappeared from the public eye and made this iconic comeback in 2017. The singer shed her ‘good girl’ status and embraced her ‘snake’ image. Reflecting on the darker aspects of electro-pop, the style was sequined bodysuits and thigh high boots.

The lover era (2018-2020) was a complete 180 and had Taylor embracing pretty pastels and bright colourful optimism. She decided she wanted to be defined by love and steer away from the previous bad girl era. The style of this era was all sparkles, pastel colours, and 70’s inspired clothes.

Folklore (2020-2022) was the first the world saw of Taylor embracing the alternative pop-folk genre. During the peak of the Coronavirus, Taylor spent a lot of time in the studio for an emotionally intense album woven with folk storytelling. Swifties tend to wear styles of cottage-core aesthetic meets country-pop star.

Evermore (2020-2022) the sister album to folklore, cemented Taylors reputation as an Indie artist. The winter-themed album has three songs that were created with the help of co-writer William Bowery, who fans discovered is none other than Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Whom she wrote several love songs about. Concert goers are usually wearing wintery styles or cardigan sets, essentially an Autumn academia style.

The final era, Midnights (2022-present) is full of paradoxes and futuristic retrospection. The album is a collection of thirteen songs she wrote on thirteen different nights throughout her career and has elements of all the different eras. The album had Taylor Swift as the most streamed artist in a single day on Spotify. Purple is a must for this era, lavender and midnight blue combinations are essential if Midnights is your favourite era. Sequins and bedazzled for a celestial vibe are plentiful in this era.  

To all who are attending the concert, we hope you have the best time! And are now fully versed in your knowledge of the Taylor Swift Eras. Sing and dance your heart out! Your outfits will look beautiful!

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