Banish those gym breakouts!

November 28, 2016

There’s nothing worse than working your butt off at the gym to look good, only to suffer a nasty breakout and clogged pores on your face as a result.

That “after workout glow” often leaves skin feeling irritated and sticky from sweat and you ignore it at your peril.

So says Megan Douglas, a fifth-generation naturopath and qualified herbal practitioner and the woman behind World Organics, producer of organic skincare and makeup.

“Before and after exercise, people tend to focus on stretching and nourishment through food, which means they often forget about other important aspects, such as skin maintenance,” says Megan.

“Working out doesn’t mean compromising on beautiful skin, it just means implementing a few quick and easy tricks to ensure that your complexion remains healthy and glowing.

“Pores can remain open for several minutes after a workout, so using skincare and makeup such as the River Veda and The Organic Skin Co. range is important.

“These products are made using Supercritical Extraction, a cutting-edge process that delivers super-pure and super-potent organic plant extracts that gift your skin with mother nature’s goodness. These products help to close pores and minimise the chances of experiencing a breakout.”


With summer workout prep in full swing, here’s Megan’s top tips for maintaining flawless, clean and blemish-free skin before, during, and after a workout:

Pre Workout

  • Remove all makeup before a workout to minimise breakouts and allow skin to breath.
  • Use an exfoliating face scrub, such as River Veda’s Everyday Bamboo and Shea Face Exfoliant, before a workout to remove the build-up of grime and dirt. The creamy, nourishing,bamboo exfoliant will refine pores and leave the skin feeling radiant.
  • When you have finished exfoliating, splash cold water on the exfoliated areas to close pores.

During Workout

  • The gym, fitness classes, and changing rooms, are a breeding ground for germs. To help protect your skin during a workout, use a towel to wipe away sweat and avoid touching your face after using equipment.
  • Make an organic hand sanitiser using organic Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils from the River Veda aromatherapy range. Simply fill a spray bottle with water and add 10-20 drops of rosemary essential oil and 10-20 drops of lavender essential oil. Shake gently and spray onto the hands. The mixture smells beautiful and is a natural, easy way to rid your hands of germs.


Post Workout

  • It is important to cleanse your face after a workout to remove dirt and sweat.
  • Clean your skin with a product enriched with botanical extracts, such as The Organic Skin Co. Juniper Berry Face Wash, that softens and nourishes the skin.
  • Dampen the skin and gently massage the Juniper Berry Face Wash onto the skin for 30 seconds, then rinse with cold water. This will remove any grime and help calm the redness of the skin’s surface.
  • The Juniper Berry Face Wash is an organic, light-foaming daily cleanser that harnesses the benefits of supercritical extracts to tone and soothe the skin, leaving it looking refreshed and radiant – perfect for post-workout skincare rejuvenation.
  • To ensure the skin stays refreshed, use a small amount of moisturiser that contains natural hydrating agents, such as River Veda’s Everyday Honeysuckle Moisturizer. This has been formulated to promote replenishment, minimise pores and even out skin tone.

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