Breast Bounce

November 29, 2017

Women readers of SheBrisbane are all familiar with what is popularly referred to as “Breast Bounce” and how uncomfortable and embarrassing it can be.

The bigger the breasts the bigger the bounce, especially when running or doing other strenuous activities.

So it will come as pleasant surprise to learn that there is help on the way in the form of a revolutionary new piece of equipment which, when teamed with a supportive bra, helps solve the bounce problem.

It’s called the PINKCLOVER breastband and adds compression across the top of the breasts, protecting delicate breast ligaments and ending breast pain for women of all shapes and sizes.

PINKCLOVER Founder Amy Jaffers said that the breastband is revolutionary in the Australian active wear industry, opening the door for women to exercise freely.

“Many women feel self-conscious and avoid strenuous exercise because of associated breast movement and pain, but the breastband takes care of everything, stopping breast bounce in its tracks!”, Ms. Jaffers said.

Not only designed for intense physical activity, the breastband is suitable for walks, yoga and Pilates. It can be worn discreetly under your shirt, ensuring that breasts of all sizes are held in place comfortably. “Although breast size does make a difference, as bigger breasts move more, it’s a fallacy that only large breasts are affected during physical activity,” said Ms Jaffers.

“Small breasts are just as likely to move during exercise.”

Research shows that leading an active lifestyle without adequate breast support can cause tension and strain on extremely tender ligaments, speeding up irreversible sagging.

Dressage equestrian, Sara Montague has been riding horses since she was seven and was unaware she had a problem with breast movement until she was given a breastband.

“I didn’t realise that I had significant bounce until I was asked to try the product,” she said.

“When I took it off and rode my horse I felt very unsupported. I will never ride a horse without a breastband ever again,”

Women can purchase their own breastband by visiting

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