Get Your Skin Back in Shape this Winter

July 6, 2018

Although your skin might not be best of friends with the cold portion of the year, these several months serve as a perfect refreshment for your pores! First of all, with a few essential skincare adjustments, just a dash of extra effort, and some skin-prepping treatments for summer, you can make the most of winter in order to protect your radiance.

No matter what skin type you have or what sort of skincare regime you have created for yourself, the following tidbits of beauty wisdom sure can help you take your routine to the next level. Let’s take a look at a few smart ways to purify and pamper in the upcoming months!

Keep the dullness at bay

No one is immune to the nasty effects of harsh winter winds and the cool temperatures that make your pores cringe, but there are many ways to minimize those environmental hazards and keep your skin soaked with goodness. Find a rich moisturizing cream for daily use, and make sure it’s suitable for your skin type.

However, don’t neglect your most sensitive areas that are prone to dryness and chapping, such as your elbows, feet, and hands. Consider adding an oil to your skincare regime, such as coconut or sesame oil, both of which are incredibly nourishing for every bit of your body. You can use these in the evening and let your skin absorb the moisture during the night!

Don’t forget to scrub

This little step in our routine is frequently overlooked, and yet it’s essential in maintaining our pores in great shape, and letting them make the most of every other step that follows, including the cleansing, toning, and moisturising. Depending on your skin, you can choose and alternate between mechanical peels, which are the ones containing beads and bits that physically scrub the dirt away, and the chemical ones, containing acids that are a bit gentler, but equally efficient.

These will remove any dead skin cells that stubbornly build up over time, as well as any other forms of dirt and pollution that affect your skin every day. Keep in mind that using these scrubs depends on your tolerance, so you can either keep up a mild daily exfoliation routine, or stick to a weekly one for more sensitive types.

Time to visit the pros

Unlike summer, this time of year is perfect for getting all those procedures done that require staying indoors and steering clear of the sun for long periods of time. From tattoo removals, scar removals, all the way to laser hair removals – ladies should make the most of these few months to get ready for when the time comes to wear those breezy dresses and reveal more skin!

That is precisely why so many Aussie gals choose to visit a skin care clinic in Perth and other cities during winter in order to treat themselves to a few procedures that are not so summer-friendly. Whatever issues you might have with your skin, whether it’s pigmentation, uneven skin tone, or some more complex skin conditions, you can easily treat them during winter and enjoy summer worry-free!

Protect your lips

We all love to spend time choosing the next glam red lipstick or the best gloss for a night out, but our lovely lips deserve more attention and extra care in winter. Due to frequent winds and cold weather, you’ll be tempted to lick your lips constantly, which may exacerbate any existing dryness, and lead to what is known as “lick eczema”. To prevent this unpleasant issue, make sure you dab your lips with a rich balm regularly, especially when you head outdoors and during meals when you consume foods that can irritate your lips.

When you want to put on some lipstick, go for the kind that nourishes in addition to making your lips look stunning. If your lips still get chapped despite your best efforts, perhaps you’ll need to rethink your diet and hydration, because dry, cracked lips are often a sign of dehydration.

SPF still matters

Are you a versed snowboarder, or you enjoy a day spent skiing down mountain slopes? Or you simply enjoy hiking in snow-covered woods and strive for the mountain tops? Whichever may be the case, you are still exposing your skin to sun a lot, and neglecting your sun protection in winter can lead to the same damage as when you bask in the sun during summer.

Consider carrying a sunblock cream with you wherever you go, and even if you live and spend your winters in a city, a bit of sunscreen will help you through the day. Prevention is always a better option than dealing with the consequences!

Diana Wills

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